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Bo Tai Qutab - Mehrauli - New Delhi

Bo Tai Qutab comes from a family of some great restaurants like the Made in Punjab, Farzi Cafe, Pa Pa Ya and Masala Library. Barring Pa Pa Ya I have had the chance to visit at least one branch of the other properties. One thing which has constantly remained common in their DNA is their remarkable service and attention to innovation with food and drinks. Bo Tai inherits the same and has done a lot to live up to its parent's goodwill.

The road which leads to Bo Tai is exceptionally narrow but is dotted with some up coming fashion brands and specialty restaurants. One one hand we have the majestic Qutab Minar and its greens, the other side is shallowly developed with loads of greens. The building which houses Bo Tai on the second floor has a huge Peepal Tree in its compound and some top notch fashion labels on the lower two floors. Bo Tai has a U shaped structure with an Island Bar and generous open sitting.

The furniture is wicker and as I browse through the leather bound menu (Da Milano) I can't help but notice the attention to the finest details which has been given here. To my surprise, Ankush, one of the members of the team at Massive Restaurants, who had earlier served me at Masala Library was deputed here. As ML is undergoing renovation it seems some staff members have come down here. His service and excellent recommendations made the evening all the more better.

Before writing about the food, I will tell you about the drinks. The bar is a significant presence at Bo Tai with a very rich collection of Spirits and a detailed list of innovative drinks. Since it is kind of a U shaped place, their is another bar at the other section which is mostly reserved for parties and select gatherings.

So I started off with the Full Moon Festival a vibrant, refreshing drink with flowers added to concoction of Gin, rose syrup, spiced vermouth, grapefruit and spiced orange syrup. It also had hints of lime, strawberry syrup and just hits the right spots.

But the drink which created the right buzz was the Bangkok Boulevard. The cocktail glass comes coated with  edible golden paint and the all that glitters here is really gold in terms of taste and mix. The Bartender used Whiskey (Chivas I assume) and mixed it with vermouth, honey lime and sparkling wine. I just loved the fact that a pretty flower was floating over my drink.

Penicillin is a traditional cocktail which is a Scotch based drink and comes with bow pin, a clever pun on the restaurant's name. The bow tie theme is actually subtly mentioned everywhere.


I had Tiradito of Scallops, Dumplings Chilli Sampalok, Warm Corn Jurinile Coconut, Larb Kai Brittle Phyllo, Phefchaburi Style Parched Blue Crab and Grilled Lamb Chops. The Crab Cakes and Lamb Chops are something I would highly recommend.

Had Steamed Jasmine Rice with Massaman Curry which was just perfect.


The Belgian Chocolate Tart with Coffee Mousse is the best dessert on their menu I feel. The quality of chocolate is very good and it reflects in the taste.

The Kobocha Custard, Coconut and Pandan Jelly is also a good try.

The Good

The ambiance and the people who are creating magic here

The not so good

I had difficulty in parking probably better arrangements can be made.


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