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Lime Squash

Bringing you a very delicious lime squash recipe. Ingredients : * Lime juice - 6cups * Sugar - 12cups * Water - 6cups * Potassium meta bi sulphate - 3/4tsp Method : * Take the juice from the lime. * Heat the water. Add sugar and 2tsp of lime juice to it. When the sugar completely dissolves, remove from the fire and sieve through a thin cloth. Allow it to cool. * Add the lime juice in the sugar solution and stir well. Dissolve potassium meta bi sulphate in some water and mix it with the squash. Store in an air tight bottle.

Where is the Awareness??

Sabaah*, a 27 year old woman with her face covered and only her eyes vulnerable to the world. Her house, well, nothing more than a dumping ground. A very low ceiling, just three zero watt bulbs, one gas stove, one battered folding bed and very little to eat. The dirty street in which her "house", even if you could call it, was the only thing which had character. Still, she is not allowed to walk out without her face covered. The moral police of the village have condemned her from the normal facilities. A social boycott, if you call it! Her breath is fading with each passing day. But that doesn't make a difference to the "people" of her own village. For them she had been a thing to use and just like we throw away our stuff when it stops working, they threw her too. She was a sex worker. How do I know about her? My cousin and I went to this village whose name cannot be disclosed here, to meet Sabaah. My cousin has come from some University in US to shoot a documen


I'm sorry for breaking the 48 hour period once again... but this important piece of news has come my way and i think we all should read this and LAMENT and CRY at what our country and its populace has become! Cowards! Blech!! And she wept... " I have never felt like leaving my country for good. Yesterday I felt that. For that day I was homeless and orphaned and helpless in a way like never before. The residual feeling today is one of deep sadness at the frailty of humanity. The end of innocence for having stared at the nobility of the human spirit caving into the heart of darkness. I am tired." And so should we all!!

Its Time Folks!!

-> Muthalik's cry against Valentine's Day or his horrific beating of defenseless girls in Mangalore. (disgraceful but i'm sure he was jealous coz he is still a bachelor at that ripe old age) -> Bombings planned by Hindu Religious Leaders and the emergence of "Indian Mujahideen". (stupid fools can think of only violence and even a sadhvi was a part of this. I'm sure each everyone is corrupt. I won't be surprised if they were working for some islamic terrorist group) -> The atrocities against Christianity in Mangalore and Orissa. (Shows that our country's intellectual level is growing in reverse!!) -> Curtailing of pub culture in the Pub City of India. (Again socialistic losers who think they are correct and people should live in only way!! U asses democracy means freeedom of individuals and an individual never lives in the same way as others do!!) -> Rajasthan CM announcing that he will do away with mall culture. (I think he is working fo

The Great Indian Rooster coop

Once I was walking across chicken market and saw how they kept chickens in that market. Hundreds of roosters and hens packed tightly in wire-meshed cages, packed tightly like worms in a belly, peaking at each other, fighting for breathing space. The whole cage giving off a horrible stench, stench of terrified, feathered flesh. Above the rooster coops sat a butcher, showing off the flesh and organs of chopped up chickens, his knife still coated with dark blood. The chickens below just watch the blood and the remains of one among them. Each chicken helplessly saw the butchering waiting for their turn. They know they are next. Yet they do not rebel. They do not even try to get out of the coop. The same very thing is done with us in our country. Observe the roads when you get time in crowded city. Observe those people who are not as privileged as us. Take a rickshaw driver, a chauffeur, a daily wage worker. They have one routine each day that s working for their masters. They do

The Indian Taliban

The nomads searched for source of water. So, they settled down near a river – a natural source of sweet water. People started taming the wild and growing crops tearing apart the torso of the Mother Earth. Then they invented fire, wheel, axes and knives and walking on the same streets, man invented the computer and sent satellites to their orbits. All these things have taken a long time. Man became civilized in the meanwhile. Civilization brought many more things into our lives which we never thought of while being nomads hunting only for food and living. Prostitution and religion being such things that came into existence once we had sufficient food in our stomach. And once we had enough to eat ourselves and help our families with it, people became greedy and took to crime! If you just read all these in one go, you would realize that the evolution has been like this. Religion has always been an engagement – a thing of attachment. I’m a prolific blogger myself. I’m saying so because I s

Understanding the man we call Mahatma... and many more

Below are purely my views which are based out of my understand ing of not the man but the shibboleths he lived on, the principles he lived by and the word principle. Thus I shall play safe by being very generic and not pin pointing to any particular incident(lest i shall face a lot of fire ...) and try to bring out why a man was feared by the empire and respected by them as well. Why is it that we always try to question someone's greatness ? Why is it that we pit one great man against the other ? Why is there this undying urge, this incessant need to compare and pass a judgment on someone great, within us ? Why is it that we hardly understand what these people stood for and only seem to know as a fact what they stood for and then use these facts to question the pillars of their strength ? I guess we do so because we are not great, we are just mere mortals.. I have held people like Gandhiji , Bhagat Singh, Azad , Netaji etc in very high esteem even though each one of them took

Akansha Tagged me.... Now its ur turn to do it.

Akansha Tagged me. But i had done a similar tag on fb which was passed on by blogger Asbah. Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. If you didn't want to be tagged, you have my apologies. 1) I don't like talking much about me. Forget 25, not even two or five. 2) I am a very humble person by nature. 3) I detest egoism. I fail to understand why people label me as a egoist at times. 4) I have a religious bent of mind. I am Ram Naam Sadhak. 5) Can never see people in pain. 6) Love to drink coffee and tea. 7) Reading, listening music and watching movies are the only hobbies i enjoy 8) AM an intellectual person, and have little care for techno craze. 9) Am a very active person. Why do I feel the need for sleep, I wonder some times. Most of the times you ca

Airman- Eoin Colfer

Conor Broekhart was born to fly, or more accurately, he was born flying. Though Broekhart's legend is littered with fantastical stories, the tale of his first flight in the summer of 1878 would be the most difficult to believe, had there not been thousands of witnesses. - Prologue, Airman . Airman is the story of Conor Broekhart, a young man born on the Saltee Islands near Ireland in a time of great discovery. From his dramatic birth on a hot-air balloon called Le Soleil , Conor is obsessed with flight, and the innovation of the late 19th century could just make his dream a reality. As he gets older, Conor is taught under a great swordsman and scientist, Victor Vigny, and begins to realise his dreams of building a device or machine capable of flight. However, his idyllic life is shattered by the assassination of Great Saltee's monarch, Nicholas, and he is caught in the crossfire of an age-old feud between two families- the Trudeaus and the Bonvilains. Conor is framed for

Mr. Bin Laden.....With Love From Tara

Dear Mr. Bin Laden Hi. My name is Tara. I'm 8 years old. I live in India. I'm writing this letter to you because I read about you in the newspaper. The newspaper used many big words. I asked my papa about it. My papa works in a big office. He said that you made wars and killed people. I asked him why ? Papa smiled and said I won't understand. I like it when my papa smiles. I wanted to ask you why ? But I think you'll also not tell me why. I'm a very small short girl. Papa calls me his little bumblebee. He says all papas have special names for their little girls. What is your daughter's special name ? I don't like it when people hit each other. When Mehul hit Rohit in school, blood came out. Then Mehul and Rohit were crying, even though they are boys. Madhu ma'am was very angry. Then she told us not to hit anybody. She says it is wrong. Did your class teacher forget to tell you ? When I told papa about it, he looked sad. He said life was too precious to w

Of Muthali, Pink Chaddis and How some children never grow up

I am bored, irritated and appalled enough to hear about a moron named Muthali, Muthalik or whoever he is, and now I have to read here about some underwear campaigns, listening to which I was shocked more at Karthik's judgment to post it then to bother about the pinky chaddis. So, a kid named B, snatched C's chocolate and C says, 'Maza chakkata hun tujhe bachu', (I am going to teach you a lesson dude). This looks so awesome on kids, but on adults, * Sigh *. So this chap forms some crazy sena of some sorts and now the public, (who never likes to see their own sins, the times they evaded taxes, the times they deserted their family and friends, seldom bothered about the poor on the streets, except discussing their plight in hi-fi coffee shops etc.,) has claimed moral high grounds too. They will teach the guy a lesson. The moron wanted attention desperately and public is more then giving with their large hearts. Along with attention, he is getting chaddis, free !!! free !!

V-Day Notice... ;)

I guess all of you would be aware of this by now... There is a campaign on, a la Gandhigiri style! To know more, go here -   As quoted from the page -  The Pink Chaddi Campaign kicked off on 5 February 2009 to oppose the Sri Ram Sena. The campaign is growing exponentially (4,500 at this point in the life of our Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women) and that is not surprising. Most women in this country have enough curbs on their lives without a whole new franchise cashing in with their bully-boy tactics. Of course, a lot of men have joined the group as well. Facebookers can join the campaign at -   For right now, ask not what Dr VS Acharya, Home Minister of Karnataka can do for you. Ask what you can do for him. Here is his  blog . Send him some love. Good day, folks. ;) Love is in the air... Oooh la la! ;D Peace.

The Renaissance

The European Renaissance was a not just a cultural and literary revolution but also a social one. The middle of the fourteenth century saw the beginning of a number of events that would shape the future of the world and how we live. This era of the renaissance saw a complete change in the approach to literature and writing, Science and Technology, Religion and culture. It is only necessary that we take a look at this fascinating period of transformation in the European society. The Renaissance writers, unlike the European romanticists who preceded them, were more interested in the expression of the classical view than on self-expression. The Renaissance writers found solace in 'imitation' of the classical style of writing and thoughts but were in no way cheap plagiarists. To the renaissance writing consisted of three things: art, imitation and exercise. This Renaissance age, which means 'Rebirth', that lasted for over three centuries from 14 th to the 17 th, saw t

Debate: Capitalism is the only solution for India for its economic growth

Capitalism, Socialism, Communism or Marxism, what do you think will help India, given the present economic situation of India, and in general too... What do you think should be the policies of the government given the recession and the economic slow down and if they should've been the same had the situation been hale and hearty as before? And if not, what are the changes you would suggest? How do you think will Capitalism help India and is it the best way?

Watchmen- Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

'The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the trains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!" And I'll look down, and whisper "No."' - Rorschach, Chapter 1, Watchmen First time posting here, so you may well feel I'm someone who doesn't quite know what they're doing reviewing books, so went for the "safer" option of reviewing a comic book. Anyone who does wanna be snooty about it, I refer you to the fact that Watchmen was the only graphic novel to appear on Time 's 2005 list of "the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present", and I assure you that I'll be reviewing prose in any future posts. If you're still unconvinced, I enjoy a challenge. Watchmen is a story set in an alternate 1985- Richard Nixon

Debate : Do the ends justify the means...

Note : Give it all a fair thought before you jot down... Flaming and religion-bashing will not be tolerated. Your participation is gladly appreciated. I dunno if you folks remember this incident; a couple of yrs back, the UPSC exam had a question where the emainee had to assert his views on *revolutionary terrorism* initiated by Bhagat Singh. As is typical of the government, hue and cry was not far behind...   Anyway, let us look at some facts -  Bhagat Singh was an atheist, considered to be one of the earliest Marxist in India and in line with hi thinking, he renamed the Hindustan Republican Party and called it the Hindustan Socialist Revolutionary Party. Bhagat Finally, awaiting his own execution for the murder of Saunders, Bhagat Singh at the young age of 24 studied Marxism thoroughly and wrote a profound pamphlet “Why I am an Atheist.” which is an ideological statement in itself. The circumstances of his death and execution are worth recounting. Although, Bhagat Si

Reign of Uncertainty

Voyaging through the blogosphere, this time, I was as usual, looking for some fresh face, with the exception that I really don't want any sad or dark blog, like the previous few ones. I see this profile of a young cheerful blogger and am sure, my search has to halt here. Still as per my routine, I scour about hundred blogs and still this smiling kid's photo brings me back with an assurance of a great blog. So enter, the self proclaimed tech geek, Pulkit Arora's blog Reign of Uncertaint y, only to be disappointed very soon. A teenage guy, with such a great content on his blog, puts up a depressed and sad fish on his blog header, * Sigh *. The blog URL and the choice of title Reign of Uncertainty, the title description, deserve special appreciation. They aptly tell you what all this blog is about. A blog by a teenage boy, incorporating various elements that we do experience in our teens. ( The blog does remind me of my teenage

Morality a conundrum, i say!

I thought assault was a criminal offence and i also thought Lord Rama was a just and fair king who never deliberately imposed himself on others. So then why is this stupid party who call themselves Sri Rama Sena imposing themselves on others and attacking girls. In India we have a heritage of non-violence against girls. We have a heritage of respecting the female sex, protecting them and upholding their virue; then why are these right-wing fundamentalist parties doing the exact opposite? Is Mr. Mutalik so insecure threatened that he goes out and attacks girls who only want some relaxation and enjoy time? He says girls drinking wine is not the culture of India, then Mr. Mutalik what is the culture of India? Let me answer that, India does not have a culture of her own. She has always adapted to the culture of the current times over the thousands of years she has existed. She adapted when the rajputs and Hindus ruled the country, she adapted towards Islam when the Mulsim kings ruled  and

Does India Need communal parties?

I think, it was Tan's post on this blog itself, Republic Day Event, where this question was raised. My answer. YES. we need communal parties even in Independent, Secular India. Now let me take you, back to events before 1947. When India was a colony of the British Empire. The congress party, in its attempt to gain momentum for the independence movement, heavily used Hinduism, an example of which is the famous Ganesh Utsav held in Mumbai every year. Who complains? No one. But at that time, due to various policies of the congress, Muslims started feeling alienated. Jinnah, in these times, got stubborn over the need of Pakistan and he did find a lot of supporters. Congress, up till late 1940's never got bothered by it. And why should we? Who complains? No one. But there were repercussions. The way people were butchered and slaughtered during that brief time when India got partitioned, was even worse than a civil war scenario. All in the name of religion. And there indeed