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Debate: Capitalism is the only solution for India for its economic growth

Capitalism, Socialism, Communism or Marxism, what do you think will help India, given the present economic situation of India, and in general too... What do you think should be the policies of the government given the recession and the economic slow down and if they should've been the same had the situation been hale and hearty as before? And if not, what are the changes you would suggest?

How do you think will Capitalism help India and is it the best way?


Tushar Mangl said…
There has to be a cocktail kind of a thing. Pure capitalism and pure socialism can not work.
There has to be a heady mix.
Si_Lee said…
Capitalism benfits the rich .. thats ok .. but the problem is it further exploits the poor ...
communism and marxism have shown that they require the top leadership to be an ideal one .. something which time and again has been proved to be non existant ..
socialism by far is the best thing .. and that is existent in India .. India is feeling the aftermath of recession due to globalisation .. not because of socialism or not being capitalistic .. that said . India has gained a lot from globalisation as well ..
it would be foolish of me to go ahead further and give an "expert" advice on what should be taken up for from the lil i have read i know it's not a cake walk to talk economics .. many things play a role there .. many many things ... but i hv realised one thing .. see all the systems you mentioned are good it is the people who implement them and their intent tht makes or breaks the effectiveness of it ..
kanagu said…
All of this ideologies have been formed some decades ago. And everything were evolved in different countries according to their peoples popular choices. So instead of following any one of them completely and blindly, as Tushar said we need a heady mix which should support the upliftment of all levels of society.

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