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I'm sorry for breaking the 48 hour period once again... but this important piece of news has come my way and i think we all should read this and LAMENT and CRY at what our country and its populace has become!

Cowards! Blech!!

And she wept...

I have never felt like leaving my country for good. Yesterday I felt that. For that day I was homeless and orphaned and helpless in a way like never before. The residual feeling today is one of deep sadness at the frailty of humanity. The end of innocence for having stared at the nobility of the human spirit caving into the heart of darkness.

I am tired."

And so should we all!!


G said…
Bloody cowards these people. I hope the police wakes up and serves justice to the ladies.
And I wish the culprits are dragged naked in front of the public and beaten to death!
God knows what is becoming of India. I am happy being away from that hell as long as I can! I don't blame other for leaving the country. If this is what is to become of India then its better to leave that place to such animals! When the day comes that they can't find a girl to marry, they'll know what went wrong!
And the attacks are for just wearing western outfits? What do they want girls to do? Wrap saris at the age of 10?
The government is all the more hopeless!
God help India!
Pranav Kumar V said…
Bangalore was once the city I loved the most in the country. I live in Hyd, but I go there the same day my exams are over (since I was 7/8!!) I now can say without doubt, its NOT my favorite. I used to argue with my friends here that the people there are more educated, more civilized (which maybe they still are, but no use right??!!) I thought the traffic was alone Bangs problem. Now this whole new drama is beyond my belief though I see it happening!!

These men should be castrated and left on streets!! Maybe even that wouldn't calm them!! Just analyze and see... all the Bs who do this are from weak moral backgrounds, poor education, inferior uneducated/unemployed probably addicted dogs!! We need to remove them from the place we live in!! But thats not practically possible right?? SAD!!

See you when I see you... :)
Si_Lee said…
I have always maintained this stance - " Am proud of my country's heritage, history and culture .. it's the countrymen I am ashamed off"

@ sushant .. dude .. it's no avail .. all we need to ensure is that we ourselves do not indulge in any form of discrimination or forceful imposition of our opinions on others ... I guess you and me and a few others here are of tht opinion .. lets just pray many more with time join our league ... a league where people believe in equality of an individual
Priya Joyce said…
The only thing I'd like to put in yes Our unique and is to proud of..but the people who work against it..donno that otherwise they would not be so insecure..that's it..A person proud of its culture...will never do that.
Sushant said…
@Gargi -> The key to changing a system is to be a part of the system. Outsiders can never change a system and running away just shows how big a coward a person is.. absolutely NO reflection on your part.. just some insite i have heard and heartily agree with and i think you u should hear it too.

Also, i feel its time for a change.. a change in the system... a revolution has to now sweep the government so that we can get rid of the baggage. Hopefully a revolution of democratic youth. We should all take a leaf out from the American constitution. It may have many gaps (nothing is perfect) but it is the 1st true democratic constitution of this world.

@Pranav -> I too love this city. In the 4 years i have lived here i have felt a deep connection to this city and i love living here.. i just hope that somehow these people will understand their folly. And i'm also a more proactive person and i hate feeling helpless. But how long can we not raise our voice?

No amount of education or civility will help. remember an individual always joins a mob and mobs are dumb and irrational.

@Sid -> Yes, i agree. We as individuals should make it a point to refrain from such activities but how much effect can a microcosm have? unless a majority of the public take it upon themselves to follow our route the only thing i see is everything getting worse.

@Priya -> The people following this path to "redeem" our culture are unfortunately ignorant to the harm they are causing. In their minds they are doing right and i assume to a certain degree of accuracy that they draw their inspiration from Muthalik and his like. What makes it worse is that the legislature, the police and the judiciary are all abstaining from any concrete movement.

@all -> It is more apparent now than ever before that we need to do something to show that parties in power are more busy keeping their jobs than doing their jobs. Unfortunately we fall woefully short of that.
Kartz said…
This is appalling, to say the least.

No one seems to be safe. I mean, no one. Especially the women folk.

The worst thing is the mentality of the on-lookers. More than the bloke assaulting, I feel it is the on-lookers who are to be blamed, nay condemned! I mean... Double-u tee eff..??? Is this what they will want when faced with such a situation?

Let each individual stand-up for him/herself and then, we'll see how hooliganism persists. Such brutes *prosper* because of our fear. They feed on our fear and despair. Let *ONE* person walk up and that shd (hopefully) rub-off on the other thick-skinned by-standers...

I'd like to rephrase Sarojini Naidu here,

"What do you watch, o ye on-lookers,
Without standing-up for what is right..?
Right or wrong is relative,
In silence, we behold this sight,
Lest we regret our action,
Only to run home in fright..."

It is a shame. Congratulations, on-lookers. You have reached a new nadir.

@Sushant - the word politician has this meaning which we are well aware of by now: someone who shakes hands before elections, and shakes you up after it. Period.

God save.

Arnav said…
What the HELL is wrong with people....
Where are we heading??
Women are being beaten up at bright daylight.
Is this what they call "a MOTHER LAND"
a country which takes pride in worshipping DURGA ,KALI, LAKHSMI, today insults the same incarnation of the Divine power !!!!
Bunch of Hypocrites have no right to do this, what is POLICE doing ??
where are the so called watch dogs ..??
The city should unite and fight these bunch of cowards .... We should be one. If 10 of us get together and beat the shit out of such sickos , than I am sure the women of our country would be assured that we still LIVE in a MOTHERLAND......

PS : Pardon my language.
Aniket said…
I think its well established by now, that what happened was appalling, condemnable, horrifying ... and a host of other adjectives that I'm sure have already been mentioned. Its a good list, which is why I won't bother adding to it.

What I found more interesting were the possible solutions, thrown up in the comments before mine.

There is the "I wanna get the f*** away from this place before it eats me up".

There is the "We should do something, but we don't know what".

And of course, the ever popular "let's catch those a**holes and give them a taste of their own medicine".

Fact of the matter is that none of these will actually solve anything. Consequently, in time, the outrage and anger will undoubtedly give way to abject apathy.

I do not mean this is as criticism, so please don't take it as such. What I am attempting here, is to figure out what the core issue is. What would possess these attackers to randomly pick a target and harass her? I have a couple of ideas and would love to get your opinions on them.

Now, I'm just shooting in the dark here, but this is what I feel - the acts were quite obviously expression of anger and discontent. A possible reason for this anger, could be the disparity the attacker sees between himself and his target. As far as I know, targets generally are people like us, that is to say Anglicised/Americanised individuals who either already are a part of the India Shining story, or are working towards that. Given the tendency of any irrational bully to pick on someone who cant hit back, the target is generally a woman. Its also easy for the irrational attacker to blame this disparity, on what he sees as the immorality of the target. The Indian Culture and Hindu Sanskriti stuff just gives him an excuse to vent his anger.

Of course, another possibility is that these attackers are just mindless goons who work for a political party trying to create a votebank amongst the aforementioned disgruntled youth.

Whatever the case maybe, the problem cannot be solved till this discontent, if it exists, is addressed. So, Sushant, while I agree with you on the need to revolutionise, I feel its society that should be changed before the political system is.
Si_Lee said…
i guess ur opinion is summed up by the adage .. "in a democracy ppl get the govt. the deserve " yes according to me u r spot on .. .the ppl first should become egalitarian in word and in spirit .. everything else will just follow suit after that

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