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The Perfect Lover tag

12.00 am,june 04,2008,wednesday
Aur kuch nai mil rha so here are the rulezz of the game…

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

In my case Target is => Female....AM pretty sure of that :P
Okie-dokie here goes the criteria for my perfect Gal. most of it is crap,anyways,nothing else to kill time,and since i am already doing around 100 jobs side by side,so whats harm doing it. [I am an expert in multitasking] -

  1. Intelligent.Has brains and uses them to the fullest.
  2. Fun loving - Some bored girl,aadhi mari padi pehle se, nai chalegi. Relationship main bahut sara fun chahiye, har time serious nai rehne ka....Girlsss i tell youuuuuu :P
  3. Family for her should come before money.The rule applies to me, and so does it to her.I am not a women empowerment activist ki ussne bi paise kamane hai.
  4. Humility is a must
  5. Understands me in and out.There are things which i will never say or ask.You will only get some indications or hints.
  6. Traditional. Again,all those women empowerment activists keep your flags down.Hamari sanskriti sirf,kapde aur tyohar nai hain. The meaning of traditional goes quite deep.
  7. Loyalty is a must.There is a word called possessiveness in dictionary and sometimes i take that word very strongly.Although i don't care if you have another guy in your life,as long as i know everything about the relationship.As long as is highlighted strongly.
  8. Should be liked by my parents.

Now the first reaction of any reader will be,Tshhar Mangal is insane,Someone may weep, that this guy will go to the grave,unmarried.Sympathies and mournings can be dropped in the comment section please :-) Also if you have the readymade tailored girl for me in your eyes :P

Now it’s my turn to put 8 people in a tight spot … hehehehe … here goes:




Gauri Mathur said…
As m nt taged,,n m feelin gud fr tat..kyoki..being tagged is nt my cup f tea na.. u kno tis:D..hehehehe..
bt i wud love to drop in a comment..
tat is..u r nt insane,,:)u r very cute..;)n ur dreamgal is alsoo veryyy cutee....:-)hpe u get ur dreamgal soon:-)
God bless u!!!:-)
take care..:-)
Tushar Mangl said…
Seems you nevr read the last line.
You need another checkup with that eye doctor of yours.
Thnx for commenting
Keep visitng
Gauri Mathur said…
I read tat..!!!:P
bt i wsnt mentioned in d spec list naa..
so its easy fr me to escape..:D:)
take care..:-)
Tushar Mangl said…
Jab niyat main itna khot ho,to list main mention karne ka fayda kya.
Gauri Mathur said…
Kyaa baat haii...mere niyat bhi pechanlieee..agar koi tag ni likhta to uski niyat khote hojate hai...!!
agar aise baat hai to mei to huu hee khotee..:D
Tushar Mangl said…
Baat tag ki nai,main koi 6 saal ka nayannna nai,ki ek game ke peeche item karun.Kuch baatein is above your head.They need intelligence.Pity you wont ever understand them.
ohhhhhh again a a new tag..well i'll try mah best.. btw read the last one.. on my blog.. it's done!!!
Tushar Mangl said…
hahaha.Love to see my fav blog everything is illusion updated and running in full stream.Hence the increasing number of tags :-)

Thanks for visitng
and Thanks for doing the tag.Hope you enjoyed it.
God bless you
Keep Commenting :-)

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