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Friday Musings

Life is Life. Its harder to live and easier to die. I had so many blog posts all planned up but somehow (read laziness) could not get to write them. Will do that in near term for sure. This is a tough time. I am used to them. Nothing I have not handled before. But each battle leaves you tired and the weariness dims you further. But somehow in recent months I have met and got acquainted with new people I really liked. It also got me to realize why I am stuck on some old friends, who never even loved me. Or just used me as their emotional cushions. They did not even look back to check whether I was okay or not. Now that I got in touch with these new acquaintances whom I will not even see or meet in near future, I realize what I am missing. Still I miss those old friends. Long for the familiar shoulder for comfort. Somehow I think was I too much needy? Immersed in numerous problems of my own, I became too passive in my relationships. So much so that people thought could take advantage.