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Its the season of the dead

Autumn is generally characterized as the season, where the dead leaves to start fall of the trees before the onset of the cold and dry winters. And it is really turning out to be the season of the dead . Veteran actor Shammi Kapoor is no more. Tiger Pataudi is dead. Steve Jobs has finished off his job on the Earth. We won't be hearing any new songs or ghazals from Jagjit Singh. And last but definitely not the least, the poster boy of world dictatorships, Colonel Gaddafi is now dead.Murdered to be precised. The World pledged and united to remove the evil out of Libya. And how do you prep up your image as peace loving heroes? Simply, by bombarding the fellow's houses and killing his grandchildren and children. Then by hunting him down, defenseless and unarmed. Recording this gruesome encounter on cellphones, gives us, the citizens of the planet and silent supporters of NATO a reputable credo. It makes us believe that what we did in Iraq was right. We are the ones who have the mor