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Introducing Rentlite

Established in April 2019, RentLite is a pioneering start-up, on the quest of revolutionizing the buying behaviour for workspace products. Spearheaded by Kush Jawahar and Kiran Chellaram, RentLite helps to solve the CAPEX and OPEX related concerns for young entrepreneurs and corporates alike. Buying workspace furniture can be capital intensive, especially for a boot-strap start-up or a growing SME, where manpower is exponentially dynamic. Further defining the nature of workspace setups can be tiresome and time-consuming. It is from this experience, that we came up with the concept of Rentlite, because why buy when you can rent? With the transforming taste, needs and requirements of consumers, renting furniture has become a millennial need. Rentlite not only offers an assortment of design possibilities but flexible finance options for the users. The idea of rental furniture is not new; however, the potential market surpasses the redundant past estimations. Thus, re

How To Get Started With Vlogging In 2019: First Steps

Vlogging had taken the internet by storm when it started over a decade ago, and YouTube has changed entirely since. Yes! It has been more than ten years. Videoblogging or vlogging is not a new concept, and there are hundreds and thousands of vloggers on YouTube from all corners of the world. The competition is high, and the supply is increasing by the minute. However, we still see a lot of people taking up vlogging and launching themselves on YouTube every single day. In this article today, I am going to talk about how to get started with vlogging in 2019. I am going to mention the very first steps that one needs to take while preparing for vlogging. It is an exciting world from the outside, but then there are a few things to keep in mind too. Let’s talk about those, in this article today. But before beginning, a couple of nostalgic lines which are absolutely irrelevant to this post, but I feel they are emotionally essential and hence, you’ll have to bear with

Mayur Jugs - Quebec - Quality Steelware Collection

Founded in 1968, Mayur Jugs,  manufactures a wide range steelware of great quality. Also, they also have a wide range of gift hampers which are quite popular in the festive season.  I recently got one of the gift sets which is named as Quebec most of the gift hampers are named after various regions of cities like Auckland. Other gift items like Florence, Santorini, San Marino, bring different values and products to the consumers. The best thing is that they are available in a wide price range. So if someone wants to gift someone, something, can pick according the exact budget in mind.   I think that really impressed the carton in which the stuff game was of study quality and items were damaged in transit as I got it through courier. Coming to the contents of my gift hamper, it had a water dispenser, two casseroles one very good looking lunch box,  salt and shaker set and a stand to keep and store cutlery. Back to the water dispenser clearly of A grade quality look

Listening: The Super Power We All Posses

One thing that you need to know about me is that I am a reader. I read a lot of books, and that has helped me in observing everything around me. And this gives me a way to absorb what’s around me and take the positives out of it and grow. Right now, I am reading a book by Eric Barker that says on the power of listening. Good listeners are always able to derive great ideas, and it is essential to be a patient listener in every aspect of our lives. The thought of conflict among us is disturbing me very much lately as I keep on wondering why conflicts are on the rise, and now, we’ve come to the point that it is higher than ever.  This is great because people don’t listen to what others are saying all they want is to keep shouting about their demands. Amidst all this, we are forgetting how powerful is hearing as a tool. It only takes a person to pay attention to what the other has to say rather than keep on talking. This way of conversation can improve the relationship