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Listening: The Super Power We All Posses

One thing that you need to know about me is that I am a reader. I read a lot of books, and that has
helped me in observing everything around me. And this gives me a way to absorb what’s around me
and take the positives out of it and grow. Right now, I am reading a book by Eric Barker that says on
the power of listening. Good listeners are always able to derive great ideas, and it is essential
to be a patient listener in every aspect of our lives. The thought of conflict among us is disturbing me
very much lately as I keep on wondering why conflicts are on the rise, and now, we’ve come to the point that it is higher than ever. 

This is great because people don’t listen to what others are saying all they want is to keep shouting about their demands. Amidst all this, we are forgetting how powerful is hearing as a tool. It only takes a person to pay attention to what the other has to say rather than keep on talking. This way of conversation can improve the relationship and end bitter relationships which can, in turn, can make way for a new one.

It is my personal opinion that the world is more divided than ever. It is very evident from the
screens of our mobile phones that project social media where, every page I look into gives keeps I
see people tearing down each other, insulting, promoting hate speech. We might have been able to
build a strong Nation, but we failed to create a united community. This very thought is depressing.

The Skill of Hostage Negotiation in the Context of Workplace

The book I am reading says about hostage negotiation and its history: how and why it was built. It is
written that it was created; according to the book, it was designed to make a win-win situation out of
the conversation. Well, I don’t think that it is realistic, although I believe that listening to what someone has to say helps in defusing the conflict and this gives a message that the
other person’s views and opinions matter.

Otherwise, we react to what someone has said, and we tend to go into war mode, which is usually the
case in social platforms that results in twitter and Facebook strike against someone. This war mode
approach is not necessary at all as we need to build relationships with each other that’ll help to build a community. We all seem united under the Nation, but its time to be united under humanitarian grounds.

Difference Between Hearing and Listening. How Does One Of The Two Help in Conflict Resolution?

Nothing new is left to be said about listening. It is a skill, and in fact, it is an avenue for self-change,
Carl Rogers made us realize that long ago. Hearing is just listening to what others are saying. But
listening is paying attention at the same time. Paying attention helps in getting an insight into the
speaker, and it helps to know his feelings better.

Listening works as a massive tool for conflict resolution. Active listening is what helps in conflict
resolution, and this is what is taught in training programs as well as the art of communication. It is not that easy a practice, but it is a great skill to have. It is something that can help us put away conflicts without taking any drastic measures. Conflicts make people go defensive, but through active listening, we can always make the other person feel that their opinion and views matter to us. This way, the resolution percentage becomes much higher.


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