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Mayur Jugs - Quebec - Quality Steelware Collection

Founded in 1968, Mayur Jugs,  manufactures a wide range steelware of great quality. Also, they also have a wide range of gift hampers which are quite popular in the festive season.

 I recently got one of the gift sets which is named as Quebec most of the gift hampers are named after various regions of cities like Auckland.

Other gift items like Florence, Santorini, San Marino, bring different values and products to the consumers. The best thing is that they are available in a wide price range. So if someone wants to gift someone, something, can pick according the exact budget in mind. 

 I think that really impressed the carton in which the stuff game was of study quality and items were damaged in transit as I got it through courier.

Coming to the contents of my gift hamper, it had a water dispenser, two casseroles one very good looking lunch box,  salt and shaker set and a stand to keep and store cutlery.

Back to the water dispenser clearly of A grade quality looks beautiful with silver and black shade, the top is very contemporary. And it is quite a utility item with a glossed tap and enough water to hold for 2-3 people.


Coming down to the three-tiered tiffin box. It's good quantity you can easily pack a sufficient amount of vegetables and other food items in the tiffin box. Which is again very good looking and very contemporary in design.

 Casseroles in the box in the gift box both of them very good very easy which are usually required in a small home the sizes are quite useful for a small as well as a medium size family. They have been added from the specially designed Solitaire range of Casseroles from Mayur. The food stays warm and fresh in this boxes and the lids close properly.

 The salt and shaker set is again a good size very nice Steel finish and something which can be easily used on day to day basis in between every meal.

 The cutlery stand also has a spacious look and feel with various forms of cutlery, spoons, forks and knives easily adjustable into it. Its also handy to use in all.

The superior silver finish is one constant which you can see across the product range. It gives a shine and a sophisticated look to the Stainless Steel.


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