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The 30 questions Tag

Thursday, may 29,2008.2.11 am 1. Last movie you saw in a theater? Tashan 2. What book are you reading? Wuthering Heights,Blink,Mein kamph,The Gita and youth today,rich dad poor dad ,etc etc [An over dose of non fiction :( ] 3. Favorite board game? Ahhh,woh bhi din the...Yaad nai ab, Ludo perhaps?Or Life?Or business? Aajkal ke bache itna intrest nai dikhate,but those days were fun 4. Favorite magazine? maxim and India today 5. Favorite smells? Smell?eh ki question hoeya? acha sach, Geeli mitti di khushboo, wah, majja aajata hai. sahi kehte the purane log, mitti hi sab kuch hai. 6. Favorite sounds? eh wala, aukha hai,soft and soothing sounds shayd. Koi particular yaad nai aarha,but it should be soft. 7. Worst feeling in the world? being left all alone,deserted or back stabbed.Loved ones when move far away,i don't think anything can be bad after that. 8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? I listen to Ek onkar, and check my mobile for messages and missed calls. 9.


Thursday, April 24, 2008 Voyaging through the blogosphere-31 The blog title says exaggeration. Then the very next thing you see is that it contradicts itself in the description. Confused? So am I. Lets check out this blog. Blog title - Exaggeration Blog Url - Blog Author - Nasia Genre - Personal Created - February, 2007 The blog isn't very heavy and bulky.In the sense that there aren't many posts though its active since 2007.The good news is that, the author has been very consistent in maintaining her blogs. There are just 28 posts, but spaced out well in approx 14 months. On content, its about her work life mostly. Which is interesting, as well as provide us an insight of a person's work life, who is used to working in shifts. Recently i get a lot to see in various medias debates on this whole shift work life scenario. Nice to hear some views from an experienced person. There are also very interesting thoughts and events of her li


No.36 Well,I told before at this blog that i maintain a huge database of blog addresses[ More then 1000 at a time].After telling the story of an eternal dreame r, i had this urge to pick up a special blog,something exciting,knowledge full and informative, like jan's was.But her blog was just a year old.A seasoned,time tested,stylish,and bag loads of information and knowledge.Thats what I needed in a blog to spice up this series. After sifting through hundreds of blogs on my database.I saw this name freakuency or something.SO thats how i landed up on jabberwocky. There was a disclaimer,which i hadn't read on a previous visit.It reads,"do not read if you have a week heart or if you are repulsed my genx or both.thank you".Readers note this please.On my part,i have a fine heart[though it breaks very fast :P ] but on the second condition well,i simple think of the next genration behind us as wastage of a great life they are getting [Most of them are wasting thier life *

satirical citizen

Sunday, March 09, 2008 voyaging through the blogosphere-26 Well,i haven't read the 2 books written by Rupa Gulab but i got an opportunity to go through her blog,which she has just made a couple of months ago. Blog title - satirical citizen Blog url - Author - Rupa Gulab Genre - Personal Created - January 2008 Last update - march,8th,2008 The author has written 2 books,so we expect some good writings in this blog,but it was much better then expected.As the title conveys,the blog is full of satire,the language is comfortable,a light and nice blog after a hard day,i must say. Don't miss out on these ones :- 1. And the bharat ratna goes to Mr. markand [Its the first one and the ultimate one] 2. Raj's Ae mere watan ke logon moment 3. Reptiles of human kind The blog is new,lets hope it goes out well for The author.Its a good one for professional writers,routine bloggers,and people with a taste of humor.My conclusion after checking

The Story of an eternal Dreamer

No.35 The story of an eternal dreamer is just one year old.yet it makes up for a delightful and interesting read. Blog title - The story of an eternal dreamer Blog Url - Blog Author - Jan Genre- Personal Blog created - May 20,2007 You enter this blog,a bright sunflower gives you such a nice welcome and you are bound to browse through.The blog has all personal content, and it has been written in free style,and in a manner in which it is easy to read and read fast.So a good blog,with nice add ons, especially the pictures used.Well presented,casual and easy going blog this is,and now i pick out 3 of my must reads from this blog. 1. Dear diary... [everyone has a story why they started a blog,whats yours?] 2. Kitabohn ki kahani meri zhubani ... [This was the best one] 3. Granny A good blog,any blogger of any interest can read.Especially the youngsters. Jabberwocky is the blog we see next. Jai Sri Ram !!!


Tuesday, March 04, 2008 Voyaging through the blogosphere-25 Ok,this is a tough one. Inkspill has a great blog,and i feel quite small reviewing it.Still having taken up the baton to at least review 300 blogs,i think i have to do is.First check out the stats. Blog title - Inkspill Blog url - Author - Inkspill Genre - personal Created - October 2004 Last update - march 2008 [quite active blog] This blog is fabulous in all sense of the word.First,the template is cool,and very inviting.The writings are very soothing to read,they are light[no over emotional doses like my blogs,hehe] spiced up with loads of humor and paradys,travel accounts which makes it a good read. Sample these posts 1. Jodha akbar 2. Yeh ghar bahut haseen hai 3. Bandars A good blog i recommend to everyone[Am sorry but am partial to] It has to some good moments to light up your day. satiricalcitizen is next on this series Till Then happy blogging!!! Posted by


Reality A white couple have a black kid. Man asked to his wife; How it could be possible????? Wife(with smile) replied: you were hot , I was hot, Kid "Burnt

Sexy Indian Bitch

Monday, March 03, 2008 voyaging through the blogosphere-24 Voyaging through the blogosphere,we come to the graveyard,to see the remains of a very sexy blog. Blog title - Sexy Indian Bitch Blog Url - Author - Sexy Indian Bitch [again] Genre - personal Created -October 2005 Last post - march 2007 Sexy Indian bitch made a wonderful blog.I don't approve of the name much,but thats her choice.This blog contains loads of posts about her romantic life,and professional life.The expressions are cool and blog like its title has a very honest and upright content,she writes what she feels,as if completely baring her heart out.Her style of writing is quite unique and admirable,the links mentioned under the title stuff i read are good ones,i have reviewed two of them. Sample reading :- 1. In defence of my moniker 2. In da bus 3. my world this week in staccato It was a good blog,the girl should have continued it,again her choice.She left us the rem

"some beautiful lines from veer zaara"

here r sum lines from veer zaara dat i lsten again n again just wanna share it wid u, ek din savere savere surmai se andher ki chader hatake ek parvat k takie se suraj ne sar jo hataya to dekha dil ki vadiyo mei chahat ka mausam h aur yaadon ki daaliyo par anginat beetei lamhon ki kaliya mehekne lagi h ankahi ansuni aarzoo aadhi soyi hui,aadhi jaagi hui aakhen malte hue dekhti h laher der laher,mauj der mauj behti hui zindagi jaise har pal mei hi ha fir bhi wahi,ha wahi zindagi jiske daaman mei kahi mohabbat bhi h kahi hasrat bhi h paas aana bhi h door jaan abhi h aur yeh ehsaas h waqt jharne sa behta hua ja raha h kuch kehta hua dil ki vaadiyo mei chahat ka mausam h aur yeh yaadon ki daaliyo par anginat beetein lamho ki kaaliya mehekne lagi h..!!

Heir to the throne

No.34 With just one blog post in it,what makes this blog so special that i am devoting a post on it? Lets see the details about the blog first. Blog title - heir to the throne Blog Url - [Like this one] Blog author - Nitya balagopa l Genre - personal Blog Created - November 12,2006 Its not my job to scrutinize anyone's personal life,and as a rule,if i don't know the person,i wont comment on his/her personal life.I break this rule very first time,for this post of the young lady sets and example of sorts.If she has 10 reasons to be depressed,she balances it with 10 reasons why she is happy.And this is something we all should learn,and practice.We always find whats bad in our life,but there are some good too. Go check out this blog,readers. Next we spice up our blog with Jai Sri Ram!!!

My Very 1st Post:-)

So finally Gauri Mathur comes in form to rite a post fr Tushar’s blog. :-) As tis is my 1 st post, I wud like to tok on topic wich is in fashion tese days..,is tere sumthn like lov r only infatuation.?? As I don kno wt love is so I cant cum out wid deeper meanings,bt till nw wt life has taught me by knowin various incidences I feel tat love is left far behind, its jus infatuation wich has strengthen his position in todays world. Tese days relationships r on fake terms r v can say temporary basis tat is have a crush on smbdy fr a smtme ,use tat person n jus finished it off…wich is often termed as infatuation at d end. The most easiest part is to get in to tese kinds f relationships bt mst difficult part is to deal wid d consequences of such relationships, Ppl once heart broken,becomes too hard,cold,,tere perspective changes n becum numb. N wen tis situation arises d situation f depression takes his seat..wich is dangerous. If v c r envioronment,every ten n nw r frnz cumes up wid

Na Tum Jano Na Hum!!!

Kyun chalti hai pawan, Because of evaporation . Kyun jhoome hai gagan, Because of earth's rotation. Kyun machalta hai mann, Because of disorder in digestion. Na Tum Jano Na Hum!!! Kyun gum hai har disha, Because u have poor sense of direction. Kyun hota hai nasha, Because of drug addiction. Kyun aata hai mazaa, Because u enjoy the situation. Na Tum Jano Na Hum!!! Kyun aati hai bahar, Because of change in season. Kyun hota hai karar, Because of taking tension. Kyun hota hai pyaar, Because of opposite attraction. Na Tum Jano Na Hum!!! SCIENCE HAS ALL THE SOLUTIONS

The zeest ::..official zeest band's blog

Saturday, March 01, 2008 voyaging through the blogosphere-23 I hate cigarettes ,and i hate tobacco.Yet that doesn't stop me to appreciate the sutta anthem,or B.C. sutta as the song is titled.So much so,i never ever found a person who hated this song.whoever listens to it,loves it,dont know why.So today we visit the official blog of the band The zeest and know more about the guys who have managed such a huge fan following with just this one song. Blog name - The zeest ::..official zeest band's blog Blog url - Blog Author - The zeest Genre - commercial Created-5th may 2006 Nothing much to review about this blog,the blog is well updated,seems popular among the fans.Its well updated,full of information and given so many misconceptions and rumors about this band.This blog clears it all. 3 posts u should not miss if u happen to be on that blog 1. To clarify some rumours 2.The project zeest 3. The zeest team Overall a nice chance

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog

Friday, February 29, 2008 voyaging through the blogosphere-22 Here is a blog for a cause, The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog is a huge blog,and as the name suggests its all about the Tsunami and earthquakes that rocked south east Asia a few years ago,and still incidents are reported about these calamities happening again. Lets see what rough data i could compile for this blog :- Blog Title - The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog Blog Url - Blog Authors - Constantin Basturea,zigzackly ,Andy Carvin ,Jabberwock ,Kartik ,Hush* ,Krishna saltandsaffron The Wizard of Odd vimal Anand scribbleamus Morquendi santos. ange Embuldeniya Mahesh Murthy Tony Piper someone else Sunil Malhotra , rocksalad Megha ramananda sengupta Daryl neha vish Hena nandini chopra wonder Annie Vijaya Ajay samit Fadereu Vishal BoshTang prema sunilrnair Bala Pim mekin Sridhar Mahadevan Nimbus charmini hangwu ,Ram Dhan Yadav ,Atheistbis

8 by 52

Thursday, January 10, 2008 Voyaging through the blogosphere-21 Been away for a long time...and what a great start in this new year to review this very int resting blog titled 8 by 52 . reviews later first some brief details about this blog Blog title - 8 by 52 Blog URL - Blog Author - 8 by 52 [againnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!] Genre - Personal Created - October 2005 If we analyse our lives...and our stories...we would realise that our life is also not less then a bestseller novel.It has all the ingredients...As we flip down the pages of this story of a girl named 8 by 52 [it would have been great if she would have chosen a better pseudo name] the ups and downs,the has an mesmerising was like reading a highly recommendedautobiography...Though the blog has been quite inactive since novemebr yet would recomnd this one to everyone...especially those who are passionate writers or journalists 3 posts that should not be mis

crazy journo

Sunday, November 04, 2007 Voyaging through the blogosphere-19 Today we visit the blog called crazy journo a dead kinda of blog but which probably was started out with a good idea and some great talent here is some facts about this blog Blog title - crazy journo Blog URL - Blog Author - Toe Knee Genre - Humor Created - April 2005 This blog welcomes you with a very int resting line ... "Welcome to Tony Tharakan News Network (T2N2). All Rights Reserved. Readers who claim to find any shred of truth in the news items published here are liable to be hanged until their tongues start lolling." A very unique blog and some good humorous pieces too,the overall ambiance is fine .Pity that it hasnt been continued after april 2007.Lets hope it comes back to life one day. 3 posts i would surely recomnd are : - 1. Aishwarya divorces tree after 1st wife turns up 2. Bye Bye qutab minar 3. us stance on iran 'a load of crap' I feel if the

masala chai

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 Voyaging through the blogosphere-18 Ah! I love drinking tea.It refreshes me up and many a times wrting with one hand and a cuppa of tea in another is a good combo.So i had this presumption that masala chai may be an intresting blog to go thru Blog Title - masala chai Blog url - Author - Sunrayz Created - June,2004 Genre - Personal Going thru this blog gives me a feeling of a potential being wasted away,the style of writng is fine,the blog is personal in nature not much to comment on the contents but u have to really dig into the blog for older posts or archives, no proper organisation of posts is visible...Not a very highly recomnded blog this is. anyways 3 posts u can chek out are 1. I realized that as I started going regularly to the gym 2. All three films/documentaries I saw last week atFilm 3. We lead busy lives. If you find those posts u r lucky enough and if not please dont bash me up ;-) http://crazyjourno.

Learning to live

Sunday, October 21, 2007 Voyaging through the blogosphere-17 Hey we gonna learn something about this blog called... learning to live lets check out the data about it before going in details Blog URL - Blog Title - Learning to live Blog Author - Sonia Genre - personal Created - June 2005 My first reaction after going through with this blog was- how much i wish i could write this beautifully- though Dubai for me is a foreign land and i don't understand the background much still Sonia who is based there has managed to enchant me with her wonder full,frank and an honest approach to writing,,,also there were many points where i was able to connect with the author and also felt that the same is prob with many young ppl around the globe,especially loneliness and also relations with family members.The Very natural and raw appeal [meaning unedited or to wich finish touches havent been given] was quite pleasing

life of a rodent

Monday, October 15, 2007 Voyaging through the blogosphere-15 Trotting through the blogosphere...i found this very intresting blog which as per its title's description is a life of a rodent ...grasp its details before i move on with comments on this blog... Blog url- Blog title - That only Blog Author - Rat Genre - personal Created - march,2005 Well it seems that the author has now retired from active writng...but there are still some good amount of good posts lying in the archives for the readers to go through...The expressions are good...and posts writn in a very simple yet unique style...if any of the blogger is plannin his/her personal blog...can go through this one once...also the honest and frankness in her writngs wont go unnoticed...Try these samples if you wish to know more about this blog 1. small talk 2. OMG 3. A 100 miles Well not much there for me to discuss in this particular blog...after reading it u only wish that the author had


Saturday, October 13, 2007 Voyaging through the blogosphere-14 The world's best what circusmouse claims to be...Lets check in what this blog has in store for us...the facts first... Blog Title...circusmouse-the world's best blahg Blog url- Blog Authors-sixtyfourarts,rithwik,nikhil,vishwachetan,akshay,jayanthmadhav barki,junglebellows,2 t a.k.a Vam C ,Vikas sahu,ayanonymous . genre-humor Created-August,2007 Well group blogs are genrally very intresting to read...Different authors...different viewpoints...the variety works wonders...and this holds true for circusmouse...this group of 10 authors have created a very nice and funny blog...full of pjs and jokes and funny one liners to tickle your funny log in and have fun...lighten up your reading that humourous content there..Three of my favourites were... 1. if that was bjp's Ram,this is mayawati's Ram 2. Spot difference between two images 3. movie review

Anthony's kitchen

series no.-33 Today i am going to take you all on a round of a wonderful kitchen,where a number of mouth watering dishes are being prepared for you. A tabulation of data about this blog first. Blog title- Anthony's kitchen Blog url - Blog author- admin Genre- Cookery Created- July 2005 This blog is a foodie bachelor's paradise.The recipes are good,they imbibe variety.They got both,non-vegetarian and veggie dishes.I didn't try any of these recipes personally,but i have a basic culinary knowledge and these recipes sound good.The author,has very aptly used pictured to illustrate his recipes which is a reader's delight. 3 recipes i would wish to try some day are 1. chicken pepper capsicum [ I love chicken] 2. Rajma masala [The pubics fav food for ages] 3. Prawn and potatoes fritters pakoda [sounds yummm!!!] There are many more,and they are so well described,it feels your close buddy is explaing you these rec

Monday chattering

Point-1 Photo: Q. Sakamaki,Child prostitution in Cambodia,Mon, a child sex worker at a brothel in Poipet. Mon, the eldest of five siblings, comes from a Cambodian Muslim tribe in Kampong Spu. Like other child sex workers, she insists that she is over 18,Mon was sold to the brothel owner for 1,000,000 Cambodian Riel, about $250 USD, due to the extreme poverty of her family. She has now been working as for more than a year without days off except during her menstrual periods, usually serving four or five customers a day. Mon has tried to commit suicide more than six times. Full story yahan pado... this link Kitni ladkiyaan ka yeh haal yeh,yet aajkal ki Indian,middle class ladkiyon ko dekho KOi hai hi nai,ki hum kitni lucky hain.har teesri ladki vodka try karne ko bhaag rhi,har doosri suicide attempt karne main expert hai. Ladke ladkiyon ke peeche aise nai bhagte jaise yeh bhaag rahin.Career focus ka na pata hai,na marriage ka. Dukhi hone ki bajai,insaan ko khush hona chahiye,ki hum jaisi

Sunny days

Wednesday, October 03, 2007 Voyaging through the blogosphere-12 "My own place in the sun".This is how sue desrcibes her blog title Sunny days .Blogging since june,2003 she really has some great stuff for us to read.Though most of it is personal in nature,yet u can connect with it.Not only she has vented out her thoughts very well,also she has expressed them beautifully.Most of the posts are about her personal life as i had said before so no point of me commenting on the content of the blogs.Definitely i would recommend some posts you can surf through. 1. untitled 2. contributing to the debate... 3. survival guide for daughters-in-law. So this was all about sunny days..a nice place in the sun i would say... Up next is Blogsarovar Till then happy blogging Posted by Tshhar Mangal at 12:28 AM Labels: Voyaging through the blogosphere 2 comments: GettingThereNow said... An interesting concept - rating different blogs for your fri

A Monk in hot water

Tuesday, October 02, 2007 Voyaging through the blogosphere-11 A Monk in hot water is a weird title for a blog, so i venture into this blog already sure that this blog is going to offer me something very intresting...lets see the details of this blog first Blog title - A monk in hot water Blog url - Blog author - Bullshee Genre - personal Created - may 2006 Now this blog is a great place to be in.The monk or bullshee the writer has spiced up simple events and thoughts with a great sense of humour and some amazing witty lines.One of those blogs which entertains you as well as gives you an insight to this man's life [which is very intresting it seems lolz].Also his opinions and views are worth lending your ears to.good layout and template styling makes the place more intresting.3 posts tht i will recomnd my readers to surely view are 1. 18 Questions I had to answer! 2. The Great Divide 3. Going back home to the coconut So my views on t

the transient twilight

Monday, October 01, 2007 Voyaging through the blogosphere-10 the transient twilight is the blog we are going to review today....wat these words mean....for tht open up ur dictionaries and chek it too lazy to do tht for u[lolz] .Lets see the facts i have gathered about this blog. Blog Title - the transient twilight Blog url - Blog Author - Twilighted Transience Created - septemebr,2005 genre - personal I dont have to really do a ahrd work in explaining this blog to the reader ,the reason being that the author has posted quite a little in this blog and watevr has been written its like many bottles of paint have been just splashed on a canvas randomly and wat has come out is amzingly pretty picture.So the author has just splashed her thoughts here.which fromt he writer's point of view is a great thing to do.But the readers who arent known to the author may not be able to connect to the writngs...Also i have observed tht t