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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-12

"My own place in the sun".This is how sue desrcibes her blog title Sunny days.Blogging since june,2003 she really has some great stuff for us to read.Though most of it is personal in nature,yet u can connect with it.Not only she has vented out her thoughts very well,also she has expressed them beautifully.Most of the posts are about her personal life as i had said before so no point of me commenting on the content of the blogs.Definitely i would recommend some posts you can surf through.
2.contributing to the debate...
3.survival guide for daughters-in-law.
So this was all about sunny days..a nice place in the sun i would say...
Up next is Blogsarovar
Till then happy


GettingThereNow said...

An interesting concept - rating different blogs for your friends! It always interests me to know what different people think about the same thing - the differences in their opinions and their perspectives...

It specially intrigues me to see how different people interpret any random post of mine (or any other bloggers' for that matter) in different ways. When I write a post, I have my idea of what is pertinent in that post and then from readers; comments I am often amazed at how different readers focus on different aspects of the same post.

Tushar said...

Thanx for visting
yes you are right...its intresting to see how different ppl respond to various writngs...
Hope to see you around in the blogging world
God bless you.


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