Learning to live

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-17

Hey everyone...today we gonna learn something about this blog called...learning to live
lets check out the data about it before going in details
Blog URL - http://iwishiwaskidding.blogspot.com
Blog Title - Learning to live
Blog Author - Sonia
Genre - personal
Created - June 2005
My first reaction after going through with this blog was- how much i wish i could write this beautifully- though Dubai for me is a foreign land and i don't understand the background much
still Sonia who is based there has managed to enchant me with her wonder full,frank and an honest approach to writing,,,also there were many points where i was able to connect with the author and also felt that the same is prob with many young ppl around the globe,especially loneliness and also relations with family members.The Very natural and raw appeal [meaning unedited or to wich finish touches havent been given] was quite pleasing.Though i liked almost every post and it would be tough for me to pick up three of my most fav still here i try:-
I wrap up on a nostalgic mode..ya i was deeply tocuhed my her writngs...As a parting note i quote here the description the author has given for her very intresting title
"I make mistakes. I learn. And finally, move onto other things. I'm only human. And I'm learning to live. Just like everyone else."[ me 2 shuld learning :-) its high time now]
anyways a highly recomnded blog there..
masalachaii.blogspot.com is the blog we review next
till then
Happy blogging!!!


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