Heir to the throne

With just one blog post in it,what makes this blog so special that i am devoting a post on it?
Lets see the details about the blog first.
Blog title - heir to the throne
Blog Url - http://i-confess-i-am-insane.blogspot.com/ [Like this one]
Blog author - Nitya balagopal
Genre - personal
Blog Created - November 12,2006

Its not my job to scrutinize anyone's personal life,and as a rule,if i don't know the person,i wont comment on his/her personal life.I break this rule very first time,for this post of the young lady sets and example of sorts.If she has 10 reasons to be depressed,she balances it with 10 reasons why she is happy.And this is something we all should learn,and practice.We always find whats bad in our life,but there are some good too.
Go check out this blog,readers.
Next we spice up our blog with

Jai Sri Ram!!!


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