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Five Fiction Books to Read this Lockdown

The Planet Earth is in a lockdown, courtesy of a contagious virus that is spreading faster than a Forest fire. Although it is not pleasant for most of us stuck at homes, but reading fiction is one escape that has held on loyally to fight boredom, dull days, and mood swings. Here is a list of five fiction books, I would recommend to check off your reading list this Lockdown. Of course, if you haven't read any of my Novellas to date, do give them a chance as well. 1. Chennai Killings - Chital Mehta  The only Indian Author on this particular list has written a pacy thriller you need to pass some quality time upon during the Covid19 Lockdown. Chennai Killings is about a string of murders in Chennai with a Cop, Vikram Rathi, on their trail. Be ready for some exciting twists and a grand surprise of a climax. 2. We the Living - Ayn Rand  Ayn Rand's novels The Fountainhead & Atlas Shrugged are super famous, decades after they were first published. But I a

Five Non Fiction Books to Read this Lockdown

Across the Globe, cities have been put under lockdown, cutting down on human movements to restrain the contagious COVID-19's spread.  While some might grumble about their routines to be disrupted, this is an excellent time to spend time with books. I have been asked by many to suggest some reads which they can read digitally. Here is my list of Non-Fiction books you should read while spending time at home. 1. Never Lost Again - Bill Kilday This book is about Google Mapping and the story behind an App that you use in routine. Increasingly our populace is being dependent on Google Maps, but do you know how it all began? Bill Kilday chronicles the journey very well, since the time John Hanke started Keyhole. Kilday himself was part of Hanke's team from Keyhole days and Google as well.  It is also an inspiring read for thousands of you who are struggling to rise in their careers, entrepreneurship, or businesses. It was not a smooth path for Hanke and his team and