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#MeToo & the perils of being a working male in India today

In the year 1983, when the Indian lawmakers amended the Indian Penal Code to add section 498a (to deal with matrimonial cruelty ) little would they have imagined that it would one of its most misused sections. Over the years, married men and their families were amply harassed by their wives using this section as a weapon. Thousands of false dowry cases are still pending and being filed each other to make men more compliant. In fact, in 2017, even the Supreme Court of India had to take the cognizance of the rise in several false cases under section 498a. The #Metoo fad reminds of this trend. In today’s time, Indian workplaces are in fact becoming dangerous and unsafe for men than women. Many careers are being destroyed simply because of false cases and accusations going around. It is more so in office cultures in India because of our own complex social system. Since Independence, women have gained more recognition and space in white collar jobs in India. Still,

Why you should pick a job for the right Work Culture

                                           The other day, I read these lines by Shuvam, about how work culture transforms into a company's true identity. It resonated with what I have been saying for a long time now. People pick up jobs for all the wrong reasons whereas they should first look at a company's culture. I recall a few months, someone came to me for a career related advise. The said person had a job offer in hand and wanted to switch. Now if you have been doing this for long, that is handing out advise on any matter whatsoever, you already know the drill. The guy will ramble a little about how its the end of the road at the current organization, then go on about the offer in hand, and subsequently lay down the fears. Mostly, its about validation. Most of the times, the person has already made up his/her mind. They will tell you about the benefits, the timings, the hike etc. But what I would prefer to know is about the company and its culture. The kind of

RAS Luxury Oils Launches Eco drive Campaign

“Farm to bottle’  luxury natural skincare and wellness brand  RAS Luxury Oils  has launched its  eco   drive  campaign,  # RecyclewithRAS  to encourage customers, to promote the concept of three R’s -“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, and to regain the sustainability of the packaging among customers. On returning 1 empty primary bottle of RAS or more, one can receive a free Essential oil. On returning 2 empty primary bottles of RAS or more, people can receive a free Essential oil and diffuser. On returning 3 empty primary bottles of RAS or more, people can receive a free Rose Nectar Face Spritz. And on returning 5 empty primary bottle of RAS or more and receive a free body Polish- all limited to once per month.  Hence return the products and for that effort get a product. Miss Shubhika Jain,  Founder & CEO, RAS Luxury Oils, said ,  “We want to portray RAS as a sustainable brand focused on the end - to - end lifetime of its products. The existence of harmful and pervasive Micro-