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RAS Luxury Oils Launches Eco drive Campaign

“Farm to bottle’ luxury natural skincare and wellness brand RAS Luxury Oils has launched its eco drive campaign, #RecyclewithRAS to encourage customers, to promote the concept of three R’s -“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, and to regain the sustainability of the packaging among customers.

On returning 1 empty primary bottle of RAS or more, one can receive a free Essential oil. On returning 2 empty primary bottles of RAS or more, people can receive a free Essential oil and diffuser. On returning 3 empty primary bottles of RAS or more, people can receive a free Rose Nectar Face Spritz. And on returning 5 empty primary bottle of RAS or more and receive a free body Polish- all limited to once per month. Hence return the products and for that effort get a product.

Miss Shubhika Jain, Founder & CEO, RAS Luxury Oils, said, “We want to portray RAS as a sustainable brand focused on the end - to - end lifetime of its products. The existence of harmful and pervasive Micro-plastics and micro fibres in the environment have made us believe that every little contribution can help make the world a safer place”.

 Recent studies into water contamination have found microplastics in 83% of tap water samples from major cities around the world and in 93% of samples from the world’s top 11 bottled water brands. With cosmetic sales expected to reach $675 billion by 2020, the industry becomes one of the key influencers affecting consumer behaviour. RAS contributes to the environment with a low waste ideal, generating least amounts of disposable waste in the manufacturing process as well as recycling materials to bring them back into the production chain, rather than generating new waste. However, they want to take this belief one step further by encouraging #recycling outside of their manufacturing process.

“Cosmetics are often packaged in containers that are hard to clean, and the packaging is often comprised of mixed materials (e.g. a pump-action bottle made with different plastic resins and a metal spring). By incentivizing customers to return used primary packaging through this campaign. This campaign is also an initiative towards cultivating recycling habits among our customers” further added Ms Jain.

To be a part of this campaign one can send a DM on Instagaram @rasluxuryoils, email on info@rasluxuryoils or text on +919329773003 with their address after packing their empty bottle/es in a box. Write the address on it or print and stick the pickup details as emailed/dm by RAS.  Their delivery partner, FedEx will arrange for a free pick up from address and once the boxes are received, a full size product from RAS will be shipped.

About RAS Luxury Oils
RAS Luxury Oils, is India’s first "Farm to Face" venture striving to introduce 100% pure, honest and absolutely luxurious beauty and Skincare products. The brand encourages people around the globe to say “NO” to unnatural, ‘unpronounceable’ ingredients. The company has vertically integrated processes from cultivation in its own farms in Raipur to oil extraction along with formulation at its own DSIR-approved R&D lab in Raipur.  For further information please visit


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