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love n dating

"birds do it,bees do it, even the educated bees do it, lets do it,lets fall in love." been in love lately?? exciting!!how beautifully you have someone to kill your boredom(not funny??)alright,alright!you have have someone to take care of share your troubles and listen to your useless cribbs about how much you hate your boss or how much you think that vampish office colleague of yours despises you or everything good that you lay your hands have someone to accompany you to a ball dance party this Saturday evening(make sure that he dressed enough to be your arm-candy..)and blah blah blah..with so many advantages,only a fool would abhor love. but ...did you ever stop to think that with great pleasure comes responsibilities to???(its like buy a body wash and get a loofah just cant do without it). well dearies,the course of true love never ran cant

I am a Racist..

Now a days, after the abusive attacks on Indian students in Australia got highlighted media attention. Everyone is talking about how racist Australians are, or are not. Some of the more enlightened gentry pointed out that racism is not limited to Australia, it is widespread and well documented even to the present day. Current England, America or any of the other countries is not insulated from discrimination. Even right back here, racism is very prominent amongst the tolerant Indians.There were some documented cases of racism in India, both negative and positive. Students from African nations complained of being loathed at even in the colleges where they studied in India while gore log said,they were given preferential treatment but just as well considered to be easy to be taken to bed.I do not know whether the attacks on the students in Australia was my by comrades. Because under the circumstances those attackers could just as well have been, people who had just lost their jobs and li

Some of the websites, whose content I worked on

The content of the following website , the basics of it, I have written. Updations done after May or June, were not by me. I also wrote a couple of seasons on and a blog More To Love an inspiration from The Biggest Loser?

Question Paper of Database Systems- PTU - BBA- Semester - 2nd

Total No. of Questions: 13 Paper ID [ Bo111] Database Systems Time: 03 Hours Maximum Marks: 75 Instruction to Candidates: 1) Section - A is Compulsory 2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B Section - A (15*2=30) Q-1) a) Define database management system . b) What are limitations of network data model ? c) Write down commands for deleting records in FOXPRO? d) What is compound index ? e) Why we sort database? How is it different from indexing? f) Define terms:- Record field g) Write down the applications of database management system? h) How data can be converted from one type to another? i) Define degree of a relation . j)What is the purpos

Agatha Christie Brings Down ‘The Curtain’ On Hercule Poirot

Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case by the ‘Queen Of Crime’ Agatha Christie is a very special book by itself. Besides being the last work of the writer, summing up the saga in a perfect way (which includes the title even!), and the book reunites old buddies Hercule Poirot and Arthur Hastings after a period of thirty-eight years taking them back to the scene of the foremost work in the series, the Styles Court. The great “little grey cells” of Hercule Poirot are challenged and also doubted upon with him being crippled and immobilized. But he sets out to solve the mystery with Hastings, who has become a widower, to Styles Court, from where they have received a letter. Styles, which used to be the ancestral home of the Cavendish family has turned into a guest house for paying guests. One of the paying guests is a vicious and dangerous mass murderer, responsible for five unrelated murders. Many shocking plot twists make it impossible to put the book down until one has reached the even more s


aIn regards to the recent amends proposed by our education minister Mr. kapil sibal ....scrapping off the class tenth boards is not a right step.the argument that doing so would reduce stress for children is wrong at its very we really need to reduce stress for our children instead of expecting them to learn to deal positively with it?? shouldn't we expect them to at least be serious towards their careers at this point of their lives.. ie :15 or 16 years of age??cant we instead counsel our children with the help of their teachers to curb the problem of suicides?more over we should also prevent any kind of comparison between children.this would help further.cutting down pressure would just hamper their personality far as the university cut-offs are concerned..removing the boards is not the answer..encouraging these universities to hold entrance tests and interviews is.besides boards serve as a kind of scale for children to know as to where they stan

Some words on Generation Z: The generation that spells the future

If we peep in our past, we come across infinite instances where generational separation and arguments played a remarkable role in our lives. The Bible documented that frequent, spiky discrepancies existed across the various age groups (later known as “Generations”). Nevertheless these generational conflicts were always a part of the human civilizations; they didn’t come into sight as invariable and steady in power and impact but gave the impression to wax and wane across the era of time. One might wonder why this ensues. The question arising in here is that; whether the advancement of technology is playing a major role in enhancing this thereby making it very obvious for people to rely upon it endlessly and indiscriminately? Or is it the attitude of taking various things that varies in the off springs; further leading to devastation in the moral values present in the previous genes. The questions are endless but the answers are in a minority. Anyways, Let us now shift our focus to


Ø I don’t know why but one fine day it happened for me to mumble a song from a Rajnikanth movie Raja Chinna Roja. Starting like this, I am not going to write a lavish praise for the beauty of the song or enchanting and soul fulfilling picturisation of the it as both are absolutely mediocre. But accidentally a couple of seemingly innocuous lines from this song provoked me to think half a day on the subject of life. Ø Let me explain, Rajnikanth would take a gang of kids to a forest where a notorious kid would set a monkey’s tail on fire. The monkey would jump from tree to tree to spread the fire across the entire jungle. An elephant for whom, the same kids helped early, would clear the fire carrying water in his tusk to retrieve them safely. Now the song goes like this, ‘Nanmai ondru seitherkal, nanmail vilaindhathu. Theemai ondru seitheerkal, theemai vilainthathu. Theemai seivathai vittu vittu nanmai sevathai thodarungal. (Translation for those who don’t know Tamil: You did some thing

Pasta salad

Ingredients: Pasta- boiled- 250 gms, Butter- 1 tsp capsicum- shed- one, onion chopped- one, tomato chopped- one chili sauce- one tbsp vinegar- one tsp, salt to taste coriander leaves- to garnish, Method take the pasta, add butter. now, add the salt, tomato, capsicum, onion. in a bowl, take chilli sauce and mix vinegar add to the pasta. garnish with corriander leaves. serve chilled. Mailed in to us by: Richa Aggarwal

Blogger Interview # 1 - Netika Lumb

For a passerby perhaps, the blog Observations .. created by the twenty year old blogger from New Delhi, Netika Lumb may be just another personal blog,but for people like me, who have gone through this very simple, no -frills blog, a serene depth of thoughts are quite treasured. For these are not just random rants or blurting out of things, the blogs you find on Observations are enriched with clarity of thoughts. Also, I would like to say here that this blog comes out to be a very neat and clean sort of a blog, abolutely de-cluttered, de -technalized, with blogs which actually have a lot of meaning and sense of them. According to me, through these words alone, I can say that Observations stands out from the crowd. With my deep appreciation for the author, I interviewed her with certain questions. Here are the excerpts: 1) Tell our readers a bit about yourself. I am a regular 20 year old girl who is just like her name:principled(BTW, my name is Netika) I don't think I am any diffe

Welcome Books, Welcome Light, Welcome Fun

The biggest problem of the world is NOT pollution or over-population,but the fact that the masses have an inexplicable aversion to READING, without any worthy reasons at all... READERS: No use going over the uses of reading…perhaps “uses” is actually a very tiny word… But undoubtedly, there are times when we need a particular book…as the commonest metaphor puts it, a book is food for da soul…as cuisines are for our tummies… But don’t we have preferences in our foods? Acc to our moods, our appetites, our surroundings. Well, I can say without too many fingers pointing at me (lol) that its easier to find out what our tummies need dan wat our souls do. How many times we find ourselves helpless…cz there are more number of opinions than there are books(I suspect so:P) or actually at times none at all. An attempt…to be of some use to the “normal” ones in da world of reading…those who have the urge to enlighten their world…but can’t quite find the candles and matchsticks… The pros, you can sur

Female Foeticide

As Wikipedia defines, “Female foeticide also known as Sex-selective abortion, son preference or female de-selection ) are methods of gendercide which are practiced in areas where male children are valued over female children.” In India, the sex ratio in some states esp. Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat is lower than others, the figures of female foeticide and infanticide is higher. Reason being, people prefer sons over daughter because the mythologies say that the cremation done by sons leads to Moksha. Besides, when a daughter is born, she is looked upon as a burden to the family. She doesn’t contribute to the income of the family; rather, the prevalent dowry system makes the parents think that it will be an additional obligation to get her married. The hypocrisy is that they worship young girls in the days of Navratri, treating them as an Avtaar of Durga and as soon as it is over, they do not hesitate to kill their unborn and even born baby girls in the greed of a son. The


A decentralized computer system, as opposed to a centralized one, is collection of autonomous computers which communicate with one another to perform a common service. A decentralized system might occupy a single room, but more typically decentralized systems have geographic and organizational diversity. The world telephone system is the biggest and best example of a decentralized system. It consists of thousands of computers, and almost a billion terminals. Some of the nodes of the system are tiny local PBX's while others are quite large, able to handle many calls per second. Different parts of the system are operated by cooperating organizations with different hardware, different languages and different ideologies. They have agreed to protocols which allow direct dialing from anywhere to anywhere and the consequent automatic routing and billing. Other examples of decentralized systems can be found in the world travel industry system, inter-connecting travel agents wit