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Welcome Books, Welcome Light, Welcome Fun

The biggest problem of the world is NOT pollution or over-population,but the fact that the masses have an inexplicable aversion to READING, without any worthy reasons at all...


No use going over the uses of reading…perhaps “uses” is actually a very tiny word…

But undoubtedly, there are times when we need a particular book…as the commonest metaphor puts it, a book is food for da soul…as cuisines are for our tummies…

But don’t we have preferences in our foods? Acc to our moods, our appetites, our surroundings.

Well, I can say without too many fingers pointing at me (lol) that its easier to find out what our tummies need dan wat our souls do.

How many times we find ourselves helpless…cz there are more number of opinions than there are books(I suspect so:P) or actually at times none at all.

An attempt…to be of some use to the “normal” ones in da world of reading…those who have the urge to enlighten their world…but can’t quite find the candles and matchsticks…

The pros, you can surely flaunt your knowledge (!!!) n expand it tooJ


Yeah yeah you have more important things to do than rubbing your noses in books…But why not give it a try once…if for nothing else then for experimental causes?!?!?!

Especially when we are telling you how to!

N who knows the results might shock you also

Summarizing in the words of Oscar Wilde:

It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.

The impact that a book has goes far beyond passing your time constructively.

Something you realize not maybe after you close it and keep it down, but maybe years later, some sentence, some paragraph will come in your mind when you expected it the least, and NEEDED the most.

From book reviews to author biographies, quantum physics to age-old wars, Harry Potters to Stephen Hawkings from Venus to Mars, a wonderful world awaits you.

Let the fun begin

Happy Reading


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