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ASUS ZenFone Max Pro (M1) makes global debut in India

Segment leading features include latest Snapdragon 636 Processor and 5000mAh Battery at a breakthrough price, starting at Rs.10,999 for 3GB / 32GB memory variant KEY POINTS 1. Global debut in India: ASUS CEO Jerry Shen and COO Jerry Tsao announced the global debut of ZenFone Max Pro (M1) in India 2. Made-for-India: ZenFone Max Pro (M1) is the result of an in-depth study into Indian consumer preferences  3. Pure Android Experience: ASUS’ first smartphone to offer a pure, stock form of latest Android version - Oreo 8.1  4. Advanced mobile performance : Latest high-performance, energy-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Mobile Platform with 14nm Kryo 260 octa-core processor  5. Massive stamina : High-capacity 5000mAh battery for upto 48hrs non-stop use. 42 hrs talk time, 28 hrs browsing, 199 hours of music playback, 20 hours of video playback.  6. Dual rear cameras: 13MP wide-aperture main camera captures clearer photos, with secondary camera for gor

Boho by Nagai - Sector 29 Gurugram

My past experience with Nagai, the Japanese/Asian restaurant next to Gymkhana Club in Sector 29 had always been great. So, when I heard that they had converted the basement into a bar called Boho by Nagai, I marked my calendar for a visit. The team at Nagai basically has blended the goodness of Nagai with Bohemian vibes making this a great cocktail bar. the music is not so loud, the lighting is so perfect and the sitting so private yet open. The walls adorn some very creative paintings which I am told are put with collaboration with artists who have put them on sale. The service is quite good as expected. Nagai is one of the best Japanese/Asian restaurants in Gurgaon, partly due to its perfect service and Boho doesn't disappoint either. The recommendations of the staff are always worth heeding too. So this time too, I nudged the guy to help me with the menu. The menu itself is great. I am not a big fan of Menus which look like tomes of archeologists. Some ea

Chup - Deepa Narayan - Book Review

Recently finished reading Deepa Narayan's book on women in India and the way society is sculpting their identity. The book is an intriguing read and does live up to its slogan to hold a mirror to every Indian women. So is this a feminist read meant for those all women book club list readings? Definitely not. Such books are meant to be read by the entire society irrespective of gender or age. The book raises pertinent questions on what it means to be a woman in our Indian society. Do you pride yourself on being a strong woman? Do you aspire to be one or support one? Do you consider yourself a feminist? Chances are that you behave in ways that are exactly the opposite, as this path-breaking book argues. This book goes beyond the whole women empowerment and feminism debate to ask some real questions. In this rigorously and well researched book, based on 600 detailed interviews with women and men across India's metros and even cities abroad,  social scientist Deep

Gurugram witnesses evening of blissful poetry

he city of Gurugram transformed into a vibrant literary hub with the ‘Aainakhana’ been held at DLF Club5. Organized by DLF5 and Delhi Shayari Club, ‘Aainakhana’- a one of its kind poetry event was a joyous celebration of Urdu and Hindi poetry along with a serious reflection on its continuing legacy. Some of the prominent poets of the country that enthralled the audience with their scholarly compositions included Vipul Kumar,  Abbas Qamar, Shariq Kaifi,  Farhat Ehsas, Tarkash Pradeep and the likes. Since its inception in April 2017, Delhi Shayari Club has been instrumental in organizing regular informal meetings or  baithaks , to celebrate Urdu poetry. Delhi Shayari Club aspires to entertain and engage the audience from diverse backgrounds in an organic way. Poetry is an integral part of literature and helps contribute towards building culture. Urdu poetry is a rich tradition of poetry and has many different forms and is fast gaining popularity with the Indian youth. DLF5

How the Bhartiya Janta Party has destroyed the concept and hopes of Ram Rajya

From Kathua to Unnao, girls being brutally raped like they are every other day but these two cases, taking the nation by the storm have one thing common. The rapes have open sanction from the ruling political party of the day and the populace of the regions. And the Bhartiya Janta Party stands a common factor, the common support system for rapists from any part of the country. Indeed, the silence of the top power guns, especially the entire women leadership from the party is deafening and shocking.  External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, the Women  & Child Minister Maneka Gandhi, the always quick to respond Smriti Irani, all such respected leaders of our country are silently standing beside the rape accused. Their silence is a consent for potential rapists that they can rape the country's women, as long as the votes keep pouring in. The entire Modi Cabinet has killed any hope we had for a Ram Rajya, Atal Bihari Vajpayee so promised us. People might say that reli

Hush a Bye Baby - Deepanjana Pal- Book Review

Deepanjana Pal in her book Hush a Bye Baby ( the title is inspired from a lullaby of similar name) brings out a story of abortions, police procedures and how abortions are carried over in Mumbai. The case baffles the police for lack of a motive and the accused being a high profile member of the society.  Dr Nandita Rai is the gynecologist for the celebrities and rich people. She is on television and radio every week talking about women empowerment and issues. She is from South Mumbai and a proud feminist. Every woman wants her to be their doctor. Until the Mumbai Police raid her Hope Clinic when they get complaints that she does sex selective abortions from the Health Ministry. Is the celebrity doctor aborting female fetuses? If yes, then why?  If she is, then the police team headed by Inspector Hadpude of CAW wing, need to build a watertight case. Dr Rai's husband, a construction magnate has friends in high places, including the Police Commissioner who is his golf b


One rainy afternoon back in 1923, Albert Messmer, a football fan and a fine boot maker, was distraught seeing the conditions of the players who had no control on their moves and were rendered helpless in the muddy waters of the field. This reminded him of the bumblebee which flies despite its weight. He worked tirelessly to perfect the shoe that would make the footballers akin to the bumblebee, known as hummel in the German language. Thus came about the first ever football studs and is a tribute to the bumblebee that never gave up despite its weight.  95 years after that rainy day hummel has now set foot in India, from where they have been running a substantial part of their production. Christian Stadil, the owner of the parent company Thornico says he would visit India often and has seen it grow before his very eyes. Getting to know the Indian market and its audience first hand, Stadil decided to that India need to be more than just a production hub and it had to be long

Artusi Ristorante - Piazza Horizon - Golf Course Road Gurgaon

An authentic effort to serve top-notch Italian food is what makes this place so special. The team has made an honest effort to bring a slice of Italy to Gurgaon. I went their for a quite lunch. The place is warm and inviting with pink roses on every table and white rose bushes outside the place. They even have an outdoor seating plan but liquor and wine is not served outside. At Artusi Ristorante the food which is served to the guests is cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna region, a beautiful part of north-eastern Italy. It is the home of famous products used in fine dining around the world. While the original Parma ham (Prosciutto di Parma) and Parmesan cheese (Parmigiano-Reggiano) are produced in the city of Parma, the original balsamic vinegar comes from the city of Modena, and the Bolognese sauce from the city of Bologna, all located in the Emilia-Romagna region. Core to the cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna are its home-made outstanding pasta creations. Endless varieties includ