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Hush a Bye Baby - Deepanjana Pal- Book Review

Deepanjana Pal in her book Hush a Bye Baby ( the title is inspired from a lullaby of similar name) brings out a story of abortions, police procedures and how abortions are carried over in Mumbai. The case baffles the police for lack of a motive and the accused being a high profile member of the society. 

Dr Nandita Rai is the gynecologist for the celebrities and rich people. She is on television and radio every week talking about women empowerment and issues. She is from South Mumbai and a proud feminist. Every woman wants her to be their doctor. Until the Mumbai Police raid her Hope Clinic when they get complaints that she does sex selective abortions from the Health Ministry. Is the celebrity doctor aborting female fetuses? If yes, then why? 

If she is, then the police team headed by Inspector Hadpude of CAW wing, need to build a watertight case. Dr Rai's husband, a construction magnate has friends in high places, including the Police Commissioner who is his golf buddy. Her patients refuse to co-operate and her paperwork provides them with no answers. The case seems to be going nowhere until Sub-inspector Reshma Gabuji begins to investigate Dr Rai 's secret online presence and uncovers a vigilante setting which is manipulative and ruthless. 


About the Author

Deepanjana Pal is a journalist and critic with over a decade 's experience in writing about culture, gender and society. She has worked at Time Out Mumbai and Firstpost, and was the managing editor of Newslaundry. Her writing has appeared in magazines such as Wallpaper*, Caravan, India Today and Vogue. She also blogs, tweets and Instagrams, but has admitted defeat to decoding Snapchat (even though its filters are way more fun). Deepanjana 's first book was a critically acclaimed biography of Raja Ravi Varma titled The Painter. She is also the author of A Book for Puchku, a children 's book about reading and libraries. The best thing about turning to crime fiction is that now she can validly describe the hours spent binge-watching crime series on Netflix as 'research '. Hush a Bye Baby is her first novel.

Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Juggernaut
Genre: Fiction
Published: 2018
Pages: 264
Price:  350 


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