High ON Life !!!

High on life is a very active and a consistent blog.So it was like phewww going around it,with so many good posts to read, and think about.
Lets look at the stats first.
Blog Title - High On life !!!
Blog Url - http://goonjhighonlife.blogspot.com/
Blog Author - Gunj
Genre - personal
Created -


Tushar Mangl said…
you are here too
Hehehe so much for an insecure kid.
I have replied on My musings. The first place where you commented
Hope you liked Voyaging through the blogosphere.
rupagulab said…
Hey there! Is your library still on? If yes, I've sorted out a few books that I'm never going to read again, so if you have a contact in Mumbai, I'll give the books to the person concerned. If not, I'll give them away to a local library- as always.

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