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Pot Pot: A delightful Indian food outlet with authentic flavours and unique presentations

Pot Pot, an Indian food outlet, recently added to the Yum Yum Tree Group's dining options. It was initially a delivery-based cloud kitchen but expanded into a full-fledged outlet last year. Pot Pot is known for its exemplary service, a Yum Yum Tree Group hallmark. Located at DLF Commons, part of DLF Avenue, Saket, Pot Pot offers a comfortable dining experience to its patrons. Food tried at Pot Pot We recently visited Pot Pot and tried some of their signature dishes. We started with Truffle Malai Chicken Tikka, a unique twist on the classic chicken tikka. This dish was prepared with chicken, cheese truffle, and cream; the flavours were outstanding. The truffle essence and creaminess of the dish gave it a unique taste that delighted our taste buds. Smoked Potter Chicken Next up was the Smoked Potter Chicken, their version of the famous butter chicken, which was perfectly smoked. The succulent chicken and the smoky flavour added another dimension to the dish. We also tried

Flexible workspaces are the pill for startups' longevity and success 

Written by - Anurag Sharma, Marketing Head, Bhive Workspace _____ In the last five years, India has witnessed some of the most transformational developments - from becoming one of the largest startup hubs with over 84,000 entities to the rollout of the fifth generation of telecommunications and internet commerce, democratising and organising new sectors. These developments have significantly altered how we conduct business and lead our lives, making them more seamless and fulfilling. Interestingly, the underlying theme, among other factors turns out to be the proliferation of flexible workspaces, which has been rapidly gaining adoption in India by freelancers, small businesses or startups. In end-2019, the total commercial real estate under the flexible office spaces market in India was spread over some 30 million square feet, with 471,782 seats across the top seven markets, according to a report by international property consultant Jones Lang Lasalle.  By the end of last year, it is e

Vastu tips for kitchens

 Food is one of the three essential things for survival, and having a well-designed kitchen space is crucial for our overall well-being. According to Vastu Shastra, the zone, colours, decor, and placement of items in the kitchen play a significant role in creating positive energy within our homes. Furthermore, a kitchen that follows Vastu Shastra's principles brings abundance and ensures good health for its residents. This article will discuss some Vastu Shastra tips for designing a prosperous kitchen. Related: Why Vastu is important in design Importance of kitchen in Vastu Shastra The kitchen represents the fire element, one of the five elements that govern our lives. When used correctly, fire can warm us and enhance our lives positively. However, when misused, it can cause damage. Hence, the kitchen's placement and design are of utmost importance in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra Tips for a Prosperous Kitchen Kitchen placement: The kitchen should be in the Southeast Zone of th

The power of anecdotes: Why anecdotes are important in content writing

As a writer, you want to captivate and keep your audience engaged. One way to do this is to use anecdotes. It is no secret that people love reading about people. So here are some tips to help you incorporate stories into your writing. Observing people can inspire you If you need help with story ideas, try observing people in everyday situations. For example, you could visit a café or restaurant and watch the people around you. You may overhear a conversation or witness a small drama that sparks an idea for your next article. Anecdotes don't have to be dramatic Stories don't always have to be dramatic to resonate with readers. Everyday situations that people can relate to can be just as practical. For example, a story about an elderly couple cheated out of their life savings and forced to sell their home could be just as compelling as a story about a dramatic event. Include anecdotes in your content Anecdotes can be included in various content, including blog posts,