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United Coffee House Rewind - Cyber City Gurgaon

UCH Rewind has achieved quite a fame in NOIDA and has been on my list since it opened its doors in Gurgaon a few months ago. They have outdoor as well as indoor seating, but indoor is quite better. The interiors are all done up with loads of wood and blues and it gives a warm feeling to the place. The Mushroom Cappuccino is a delightful soup but with a milk froth on top, which might dip its temperature. The menu of the place is a quite old school with a mishmash of Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian and Mexican dishes. And that is perhaps too overwhelming. Considering the fact that they are good at almost everything they do, a thick menu can be confusing. Makai Malai Seekh is one of my recommended vegetarian starters on the menu. It is a seekh version of corn rolls and tastes absolutely great. Especially because they have the goodness of cheese and corn and like corn rolls, they are not fried. Patiala Paneer Tikka is our routine Paneer Tikka but if you like a tinge o

“Live to Love Foundation Launches India Chapter”

Search for Delhi’s Best Student Bands Young Artists Across The Capital Participate & Initiatives Announced To Bolster Ladakh’s Development Live to Love , a global respected not-for-profit organization, while launching their India Chapter hosted a search for  Delhi’s best college bands  for the ‘ Celebrating India, Celebrating Youth  ’  festival at  Weightlifting Indoor Auditorium, Jawahar Lal Nehru ( J.L.N) Stadium.  This was also part of the celebrations for India's Independence Day. Live to Love, as a not-for-profit organization, which has been involved with the activities centered around Women’s empowerment, environmental & Heritage conservation, & Education, organized  Celebrating India, Celebrating Youth  2018 contest.  The organization also supports the  Druk Padma Karpo school  (in Ladakh) popularly known as Rancho’s school in the film  3 idiots. Live to Love  provides cutting-edge education deeply rooted in Himalaya culture which inspires the n

Acclaimed Architect Adreesh Chakraborty Releases His Book ‘The Adventures of Inchy Slim’ at Oxford Bookstores

Renowned Architect Adreesh Chakraborty released his first book ‘The Adventures of Inchy Slim’ at Oxford Bookstores Connaught Place on the 14th of January 2018. The book launch event was attended by authors, along with the author’s friends and family. The Adventures of Inchy Slim is a coming of age story of 4 boys growing up in the 90's in Kolkata. The story is a fictional retelling of the author's childhood adventures and experiences while trying to discover himself and his identity. The protagonist Inchy Slim and his friends – Clumsy, CalC, and Tomato get themselves in and out of trouble while dealing with teachers, bullies, sadhus, and a local goon. The story is inspired by author's childhood adventures and experiences while trying to discover himself and his identity and includes an assembly of characters including angry teachers, drug-peddlers, sadhus, and even the local goon. The story unfolds against the backdrop of a complex colonial city; from its grand

Lohri Celebrations at Gurgaon Pub Exchange - Smaaash - Gurgaon

Lohri away from Punjab is not a Lohri et all for me. So this time around I was delighted at the prospect of spending the Lohri night at Smaaash and the newly opened Gurgaon Pub Exchange. About Gurgaon Pub Exchange Trade like a pro is the underline theme of Gurgaon Pub Exchange. Like many other speculation driver bar exchanges in the city, Smaaash has got itself its own version of stock market like pub exchange. The place is tucked away at the back end of Smaash which is famous for its games. The bar has a comfortable and lounge setting with live music playing throughout the evening. TV screens adorn the walls of the place. These show you the ticker, a live mechanism showing fluctuating prices of drinks and liquor based on demand. And as it often happens in the stock market, here too market crashed. So at times, when prices go very unstable, the market just crashes and rates are reset. The Food The food is quite good and surprisingly I enjoyed the vegetarian fare

Mothering a Muslim - Nazia Erum

Our society is breaking up into tiny isolated fragments where people are more comfortable in silos (read small homes in gated, locked neighborhoods) and their own ideologies. Bullying and rise in bullying incidents don't come as a surprise as individuals pass down a self-centered or me first kind of attitude to their children.  Nazia Erum in her debut book goes beyond the bullying lines to expose a much deeper malaise. Bullying or undermining people on the basis of their religion. And it is really a matter of concern that this is happening to kids at a very young age and in cosmopolitan cities and big schools. Also, how schools are seldom taking this problem head-on. In my school, we hardly had any person practicing Muslim faith, so personally, I have had no friends or acquaintances who are Muslims. But to see that people are choosing not to become friends with someone just because he or she is a Muslim is going to be disastrous for our country. Segregation in schools

Feel Alive in association with HotBot Studios Launched Their Micro-Brewery in Gurugram

Feel Alive, one of the leading restro bars in Gurugram introduced a new in-house microbrewery to express their love for the freshly brewed beer. Not much time it has been that they have captured the local market and have a huge demand for their ambiance, mouth-watering food, obviously the impeccable service & the welcoming location. The prime purpose of the launch event was to showcase and show off their brewing capabilities. The brewery was launched in coordination with HotBot Studios which is a digital outreach company who ensured good reach to the audience and media, also through the esteemed members of the digital fraternity. The freshly brewed beer and freshly served food were the show stoppers. What do we say about the Dj it made the crowd going Oolala. Everyone with a few jugs down, full on food took the floor and you know what happened next. In just a matter of a few minutes, everyone jumped to the floor and had a blast. The evenin

The Consolidators - Prince Mathews Thomas

The book chronicles the life and business journeys of Ajay Bijli, Abhishek Khaitan, Priya Paul, Vikas Oberoi, T.S. Kalyanaraman, Mithun Chittilappily and Rituraj Sinha. The author has chosen second-generation entrepreneurs as the subject of his books. The ones who took over from their fathers, known, established faces of their respective fields with huge expectations. Though it is a relatively easy entry for them, the picture is not as rosy as it seems.  They have had their own share of struggles to keep up the expectations and the establish their own space in the businesses they took over. Also interesting to read is the acquisitions and new capacities built by these individuals. At SIS, which went for an IPO last year, the power balance between Uday Singh and Rituraj Singh the scion of the SIS group makes for an insightful read. How they have neatly set the boundaries and led the company to great growth makes for a good read. Also interesting is the Chubb deal. That a