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United Coffee House Rewind - Cyber City Gurgaon

UCH Rewind has achieved quite a fame in NOIDA and has been on my list since it opened its doors in Gurgaon a few months ago. They have outdoor as well as indoor seating, but indoor is quite better. The interiors are all done up with loads of wood and blues and it gives a warm feeling to the place.

The Mushroom Cappuccino is a delightful soup but with a milk froth on top, which might dip its temperature. The menu of the place is a quite old school with a mishmash of Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian and Mexican dishes. And that is perhaps too overwhelming. Considering the fact that they are good at almost everything they do, a thick menu can be confusing.

Makai Malai Seekh is one of my recommended vegetarian starters on the menu. It is a seekh version of corn rolls and tastes absolutely great. Especially because they have the goodness of cheese and corn and like corn rolls, they are not fried.

Patiala Paneer Tikka is our routine Paneer Tikka but if you like a tinge of spicy, this one is wow. The

If you like fish, their version of Fish and Chips, that's the South Hall Fish Fingers is very good. I especially liked the fact that it wasn't oily et all and fried quite well. The Mutton seekh kebab is tasty but not wow.

In mains, I had the Lahori Meat, it is a signature recipe of the pre-partition era and is mutton cooked in chana dal. Try it only if you love the classics. And the idea of dal in your mutton. For bread, I picked up Paranthas to go with the meat and it turned out to be a good idea.

The Paneer Khurchan invokes a hint of nostalgia for home and home cooked food. Except for the rumali rotis that come with the cottage cheese.

What takes the cake, literally are the desserts and coffee.The Warm Fudge Cake is made better by adding Oreo cookies over it. The Tutti Frutti Sundae is a house specialty and is a recommended try. Another great dessert is the Atomic Kala Jamun, a huge Gulab Jamun which comes with a creamy top. It's hot and tastes exceptional.

United Sazarac is what we ordered for drinks. The place is a coffee shop with a bar. I didn't find the idea too good. I am little old fashioned that way and the addition of drinks does give a good option for patrons. But the drink was okay. 

What is great is their coffee. Especially the Cona Blend. I am sure the tea would have been great but I went with Cona. Came with milk and cream separate and tasted great. 

United Coffee House Rewind is a great place to unwind I would say, to have real conversations over good food and good coffee.


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