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The Bankster Review

Let me begin by saying that The Bankster is a gripping novel. Its written by Ravi Subramanium who has already a bunch of best selling books to his credit. Even though he has a fab record of good books, this is the first book of his that I have read and needless to say, I want to read more of his works. He goes deep into his plots and boomerangs the story with a solid punch of thrill. We have three story tracks here. One deals with the CIA and its covert activities. Ravi has infused lot of vision and research on this one. Joseph Braganza is supposedly involved in the blood diamond trade in Africa on directions of the CIA. He trades them for arms and ammunition.  The character is what we have already seen in so many western films and novels but still the author makes it look and feel different. On a parallel note we have Krishna Menon from Devikulam who is fighting for Nuclear Plants Safety in India, specifically for a plant that is close to his home. This sub plot draws references