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Me Taliban

I belong to the Taliban and I am a Talib .....says who? Says Honorable Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju . Oh did he...I guess he must have strong valid reasons, right? Well, he does have a reason, yes. you guys have infiltrated into Indian mainland, you must be a spy, right...what else would you be in India for? Hmm...I've always been in India, you see, I was born here, have been brought up here, studied here (though we hardly study in engineering colleges:D), intend to work here too if a certain IT major does not forget me...ohh n btw, I love India too but that I suppose is besides the point. why did he call you a Taliban? Lemme see, I guess you practice hate, right? is the very fuel of life is what I believe in. Probably, you do not support girls getting educated along with boys if at all they should get educated, right? Let's just say that one of the foremost reasons for me traveling almost one hour from Central Calcutta to the outer

Handle with Care

Willow O'Keefe is born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. It's also known as brittle bone disease. In other words, she can break a number of bones through her lifetime. It's a disability in that she is short statured, has to use a wheelchair and suffers innumerable breaks. It's like taking two steps forwards and one step back. On the other hand, she is extremely smart for a 6 year old. She has the vocabulary of an adult and absorbs information like a sponge. She is funny and witty. She is loveable. Her mother however, decides one day to lodge a wrongful birth suit. There are a couple of problems with this: 1) she has to say that she would have aborted Willow had she known about the disability in advance 2) the doctor she is suing is her best friend. Throughout this turmoil, relationships are affected. Willow's parents are divided over the suit and their relationship is in turmoil. Willow's older sister, Amelia, aged 13, is neglected. And she takes to extreme measures

The 'shoe' mantra

So, there has been a lot of show throwing off late! For one it was Bush and then our very own P. Chidambaram. I stand witness to the fact that the ‘shoe’ off late had become so important that some one hour or maybe two at my institution went discussing it. My classmate argued and argued upon the emotion that shoe has become a symbol of suppressed agony which is finally finding a way out. Well, I think, if this is what it is, there would be soon a good demand for shoes. Now, we all know that in and across cultures the throwing of shoe is seen as an act of doing an insult and am not going to bore you with all that history of the shoe-be it Bata or Lakhani but would highlight some quirky thoughts which my mind could just not do away with… • In some years, when the journalists would enter a press conference they would be asked to open their shoes outside. Because they wouldn’t want a room full of stinking socks, even the socks… • If you are planning to throw shoes at some dignitary

An e-mail forwarded to us

One day a florist goes to a barber for a haircut. After the cut he asked about his bill and the barber replies, 'I cannot accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week.' The florist was pleased and left the shop.. When the barber goes to open his shop the next morning there is a 'thank you' card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door. Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill, the barber again replies, 'I cannot accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week..' The cop is happy and leaves the shop. The next morning when the barber goes to open up there is a 'thank you' card and a dozen donuts waiting for him at his door.. Later that day, a college professor comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill, the barber again replies, 'I cannot accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week..' The professor is very happy and leaves the shop. The next

How should I look upon this one ?

This experience of mine which I am about to share just now...Is one of those experiences which I have shared with quite a many till date, I suppose... The reactions to the same were of course quite unexpected and surprisingly painful as well…lets first tell you this experience and we will come back to this point in the end… It goes like this… I was hit by the cold air of the very winter morning when my mother just opened my balcony door for some fresh air to come inside. It was a Sunday morning, I remember clearly. There was nothing to do much on that very cold day, so mom thought why not we people go for some shopping. Lying on my bed, I yawningly agreed.. We people got ready and sat in the car. We were getting late and I was a bit hungry so I took my breakfast along with me in the car. Halfway from our place, we stopped at a signal…And my eyes fell on a beggar who was coming towards our car. You find beggars everywhere in India…isn’t it? But this time this ‘beggar story‘ took a very

The Idioticity of the Words Secularism & Communalism In India

Apologies for such a long title and Greetings to all of you on the occasion of Baisakhi (Belated). One of the most absurd debates and discussions held on any front or medium is about Communalism and Secularism in India and in Indian politics. I say, in a country where Hindu shrines are managed and run by the Indian Government and Muslims get subsidy for their pilgrimages, why on this land, they mentioned Secularism in the Preamble of the constitution? Maybe because it looked good and cool there? Because secularism would mean, complete disassociation of religion by the government. Since polls are around in India, I will bring up the political debate here. It's the most stupidest thing we do to debate on religious issues in relation with the Political parties. Which Political Party except the Left I guess, can truly stand up and say I am Secular, in the true sense of the word??? The BJP will have no answer on the Godhra Riots of 2002 The Congress will have no answer as to why under t


The country called India, or for that matter most countries in the world, have been lax in providing what they should have, to some under-privileged people. No, I am not referring to the beggars, not the SC/ST's or any other class. I am talking of EUNUCHS. Helping a beggar with alms, or say feeding small kids, some monetary help to the needy- all these have been debatable issues. We all have our reasons of helping/not helping them. Some say, they misuse it for drugs, some say, this money doesn’t really benefit them, it doesn’t go into their hands only, and many similar stories. The most common being, that they are people who CAN work so why get into begging. Okay, I won’t get into what they "CAN" and what they "CAN'T" do. But do we think of those who can’t help but be in the condition they are in. Reservation can be done at all levels, we can even have protests against it, we can have the policy makers defend it also. But do we see that while we are estimati

24 S.E.O Tasks to Promote your website

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Is India truly Secular??

A horror of present India >> Along with rising sex discrimination are we leaving behind our secular tag? Will India ultimately become a theocracy?? I shudder to think of the day when we openly start discriminating. Seeing the happenings over the past year all i can see is us taking multiple steps backwards. We have to learn to move forward. Once the most tolerant of all nations we are now moving back into the intolerant mindsets of the European middle ages. If there are any journos on this blog or who read this blog i request you to bring up and highlight issues of secularism in this country. We need to move forward not backward !! -> SJ

Space Anyone?

Every individual has their own space and it is the space that has to be respected in order for a healthy relationship or atmosphere. wondering why my sudden obsession with space? well i got into an argument with mom and that reemphasized just how important space is in our lives. When a child is being born there he/she should be nurtured and guided but once the child crosses his/her teens she should be trusted enough to make the right choices if required she can be suggested on the things she is doing, but not directly taking over his/her life and their making decisions. india it is not uncommon to hear parents exclaim "for me no matter how old you are, you will remain my baby to me" this may sound soo endearing to most but has a negative impact otherwise. once a child grows up, she should be given her space to be who she/he wants to be and what she wants to do. it is this lack of space, that often leads to the elders disrespecting the young adults that leads to so much strife

Social Menace

i had to travel a long distance in a yet another jam packed bus to go to a job interview. what i had to experience was horrendous... just imagine the lady standing right behind me was digging her nose and wiping her fingers on the rod she was holding to stand up? not just that she was stinking. gawd! and moreover she was talking to her friend in the loudest of voices, about some master she works for and his habits and his conjugal relationship with his wife. somewhere a young boy was talking to his friend about what happened that day at the tuition's that his friend had missed; the topic was for all to hear, what is the best strategy to make the girl agree to date him.there was an elaborate discussion with peels of laughter and mirth for everyone to hear as the bus was stuck in a jam. then a strange looking mad man got up, and started broadcasting his own news channel with personal inputs. no this is not the end to my woes today. but there was more to come. two women in their late

Space Exploration

Hi all, I always wanted to discuss this topic…space exploration(SE).Is it really necessary?. So i thought it would be good if i could raise this topic in this space and elicit views of the Wiproites. The case FOR SE is pretty simple and straight forward. SE(unfortunately) represents a country’s prowess in scientific advancement. It has, over the years, come to indicate a country’s clout in the international arena. Moreover, proponents of SE, claim that many aerospace technologies are spin offs from the research time and money spent on SE. The case AGAINST SE is as follows. We all know how much countries around the world spend on SE. The expenses of preparing the basic infrastructure for SE is humongous to say the least. Then there is the cost of the space vehicle and not to mention to the high tech gadgetry inside it that transmits back data to the ground centre, the fat pay cheques for the scientist and technical staff working there. The other thing about SE is that

Achcha Hi Hai

Achcha hi hai gam kabhi dosti chodta nahi jiske liye sada saath rehne ki mannate mangi jaye! hum phir bhi chikh chikhkar kehte rahe ki hum akele hai aur hamara koi nahi isi gam ne kya shikayat ki thi kabhi ? jisse chuthne ke liye hum nikle the yuhin, jaanta hai woh ki khud hamare saaye ne saath choda tha hamara mushkilo ke andhiyare main kahin! Achcha hi hai ki khushi koi cheez nahi jise kharidne logo ki bheed jama ho sake! bhale hi ameeron ke chaukat pe uska aana-jana ho par gareebo ko bhi kabhi naseeb hoti hai khushi ! kuch paane ki tamanna puri na bhi huyi ho kabhi na kabhi meharban to hoti hai zindagi koshish karna insaani fitrat hai janab dekhna kisiki hoton pe hasi kabhi humse bhi hogi! Achcha hi hai ki aman kisi bageeche mein khilti nahi jise todkar koi insaan zindagi ka sukun paa sake! bhagna chodh do daulat ke peeche janab soncho kabhi ki kitni khushi kisiko de sake Jab kisi besahaare ko doge apna kandha ya lachar ko kisi, waqt doge tum apna to mere dost yaad rakhna,khuda ki k