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Is India truly Secular??

A horror of present India >>

Along with rising sex discrimination are we leaving behind our secular tag? Will India ultimately become a theocracy??

I shudder to think of the day when we openly start discriminating. Seeing the happenings over the past year all i can see is us taking multiple steps backwards. We have to learn to move forward. Once the most tolerant of all nations we are now moving back into the intolerant mindsets of the European middle ages.

If there are any journos on this blog or who read this blog i request you to bring up and highlight issues of secularism in this country. We need to move forward not backward!!

-> SJ


Saim said…
religion is the opium of the masses which the politicians know very well to feed to us...wen religious discord is fanned all across without any shame, thr hardly can remain a secular outlook among the masses...sad!!!
Surendra said…
it is sad to say but INDIA is a land which provides immense opportunities of exploitation and in midsts of this the so called secularism somewhat existing gets diluted....Praying GOD to show us the right path...
Good to see a platform like this. We do seem to be going back to the middle ages.
Rajesh said…
India is home for so many religions. So there are bound to be differences and sides taken.

Still 'Unity in Diversity' has been the distinctive feature of our culture.

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