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The country called India, or for that matter most countries in the world, have been lax in providing what they should have, to some under-privileged people. No, I am not referring to the beggars, not the SC/ST's or any other class. I am talking of EUNUCHS.

Helping a beggar with alms, or say feeding small kids, some monetary help to the needy- all these have been debatable issues. We all have our reasons of helping/not helping them. Some say, they misuse it for drugs, some say, this money doesn’t really benefit them, it doesn’t go into their hands only, and many similar stories. The most common being, that they are people who CAN work so why get into begging. Okay, I won’t get into what they "CAN" and what they "CAN'T" do. But do we think of those who can’t help but be in the condition they are in.

Reservation can be done at all levels, we can even have protests against it, we can have the policy makers defend it also. But do we see that while we are estimating our capacity and intelligence, we have over looked people who need help to realize their potential? Does a mother disown her physically challenged kid? NO. That is because however the kid is, he is god's gift. So, why are Eunuchs treated any differently? Just because they have been given a different physical form doesn’t imply, they aren’t as sharp as we are.

And one thing I don’t understand is why do people fear them. I have heard this so many times, that it isn’t good to take the ill wishes of a Eunuch coz they turn true. Excuse Me? I thought ill wishes from anyone in this world aren’t desirable. It isn’t that what the say turns true; it is our insecurity that leads us to think like this.

We can have primary schools, we can have "each one-teach one" campaigns. But who is all this for? For small kids. But why only them? A school is suppose to lay the foundation of what kind of individuals do we become. That foundation can be laid for anyone, any age. I don’t say have reservations for them, but please at least help them attain the necessary skills to earn a living. Why do we treat them like a different community, different from ours? We are judged by what we make of ourselves, not by what our Sexual orientation is.

Through this article, I just want to request people to not treat them any different from any of your friends. It is the capability to optimize the opportunity given that matters coz not everyone has the zeal or the courage to create them. On a mass level, Eunuch’s have not been provided with the opportunities and fighting for the right one seems a tough task for any minority.

PS: I know there are some NGO's who fight for them, but that isn’t what I am trying to highlight coz that isn’t sufficient. I want you, him, her and me to unite and do something. It’s only us, who can make this place a better place to live for all. To hell with Darwin's theory-SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

PPS: There have been developments on this front that I noticed of late. There is this show called Sarkar Ki Duniya, it’s on the lines of Big Boss/Brother. And it has a Eunuch as a participant. Now, I really don’t know or care if this is a TRP stunt. I believe that any step taken in this direction is a step in the improvement of the class that is truly “under privileged”.


Richa said…
oh yeah. a real good thing to be pointed out..
i used to be among those ppl who feared eunuchs but tht was wen i was young. but now tht i realize, they are as human as I am, i have a different conception.
u r ryt in the statement tht we shud do sumthn for them..
as in there r eunuch candidates in elections n stuff..

things are changing, and we can unite..
Tushar Mangl said…
Apologies for such a late comment
but welcome to he blog Netika.
As Richa rightly says, you really pointed out a very good thing.
I sometimes feel that people shy away a lot to discuss such issues.

Also, here if i may say that why are gays and transsexuals or eunuchs made butt of so many jokes>>>????
Netika Lumb said…
@ Richa
I can understand. Even I used to be scared of them.. But then I realised, it is about the capablity and the lack of opportunity. Capablity that they might have and that can be nourished/polished by giving them opportunities..

I hope we unite and make a difference..

@ tushar,

A late comment is never an issue, till the time the post gets registered in people's mind.. :)

Exactly.. I don't understand why do we have so many frivolous jokes on trasgenders..or gays for that matter.. It's a) a matter of perosnal choice and b) nature given (as the case may be) there isn't a point in stooping to such a low level of humour(if at all we call it humour)

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