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A Road Not Traveled

J Alchem's book A Road Not Traveled is an a mazing book by a debutant author. A unique plot with each character being endowed with bizzare sounding names. The book is brief yet all scenes are detailed and vividly described. The story moves at a good pace and ends with an unexpected twist. [No, I am not revealing the story].   Recieved a copy of the book through Goodreads Giveaway program from the author. 

Rummaging Through - Hidden gems of beautiful verses

Somewhere, someplace in the blogosphere lie blogs like Rummaging Through , with blogs so forgotten yet so beautiful. Pranita's blog is primarily about love and poetry. It probes deep into your heart and touches you deep within. The posts are quite few, just a handful of them and the blog does seem to reflect neglect. One of my favorites was Universe in Your Eyes.  Do check the blog out. 

Why Raghuram Rajan does not deserve a second chance for RBI governorship

Media is all going wild these days with speculations and support for a second term for RBI Governor. But many groups in social media are mobilizing support for him for gains that are totally contrary to interests of our nation. Under his stewardship, banks have had their worst performances, primarily for his policies to encourage loans to corporates with strong political connections. Loans were disbursed by banks without proper compliance and procedure, leading to huge losses. It is such forces which now want him to continue. So as to keep encouraging such practices. For those who feel, he being out of government is a good sign, look at how bank licenses have been issued. RBI still doles out licenses on a whim and in a very miserly fashion. A modern outlook demands that licenses should be offered on tap but no, the Governor didn't encourage that. Look at the overall customer service in the banking industry. Its pathetic, largely because RBI does not encourage banks to