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OH MY GAME announces New Opening in Ardee City Mall!

Leading amusement center chain offering one of the biggest Laser Tag arenas ‘OH MY GAME’ announced on 27 MAY 2019, Monday the opening of its third center in Ardee City Mall adding one more feather to their cap. Located in Ardee City, Sector 43, Gurugram OMG witnessed a grand launch beginning with ribbon cutting ceremony, then followed with some exciting events. The newly opened gaming center is owned and operated by Aakritti Sethi and her brother Sahil Sehgal, who currently are running two more centers based out in Gurugram. The other two centers are located at Good Earth City and DLF Phase 2 who have already earned a lot of love and support from the people of NCR. The newly opened center plans to deliver entertaining and adventurous games and activities like Laser Tag, Arcade Games, Bubble Football, Bumper Cars, bigger Soft Play Area for kids and many more fun activities for one's entertainment. “OMG is speeding fast on the road to expansion. We now have three company-o

LinkedIn and Freelancers

Who is a freelancer? Any person who instead of being employed in a company chooses to be self-employed and work with clients independently is called a freelancer. Basically, this is an alternative type of employment in which that person wants to work without enlisting himself/herself under a company or brand. They get work through various sources and perform a variety of tasks. Why LinkedIn? Here is where LinkedIn comes into the picture. It is the best digital marketing application or site of today. There are hundreds of companies that are running Ads for employment and recruitment, this gives the perfect opportunity to the freelancers to develop a connection through LinkedIn and get business. In the last 5 years freelancing business in LinkedIn has increased at a staggering rate of 50%. This means that LinkedIn is also taking freelancing business seriously and continuously improving the tools to increase business connections for freelancers. All a freelancer needs

Marketing Real Estate on LinkedIn

Marketing real estate on LinkedIn is very simple today, all credits to the user-friendly tools that make marketing so much more innovative and unique. The design and templates let one chose his desired format of marketing. It the marketing strategy that makes all the difference at the end of the day. This article is for you if you are looking for tips for marketing at LinkedIn. Setting up your Real Estate Profile To set up your Real Estate Profile you need to follow these simple steps and you’ll be done in no time – ·          Choose a professional headshot and upload it. The photo that you chose must be a decent one and one in which you look confident enough. ·          Get a suitable background picture, this step isn’t that simple as it sounds as the background picture is the first thing that anyone notices and from there on, they browse your profile. ·          The mojo of your Real Estate business needs to be very clearly conveyed through LinkedIn hence write

From the Biggest Gamble to Largest Democracy in the World

Let the Journey begin It is just a matter of a few hours from now that the results will be declared for the 17th Lok Sabha election. On this note let us look back at India’s history with general elections. How all these started, who were at the pinnacle of power and how things turned out different from what everyone expected back in the year 1952. Lots of questions? Let’s make it easier for you.  From the Beginning This incredible story of India is nothing short of a dream come true for its people. The first general election was held in the year 1951-52. Back then India was a newly decolonized country with an aspiration to have a people’s government. At that point of time to actually conduct an election was a very decisive step because it was just after the partition which saw the largest human displacement in history. It was a time when the displaced people had lost their home and their means of livelihood was gone. To conduct an election of that

Pros & Cons of Organic Facebook Marketing

The term organic marketing is known as a process of gaining loyal customers in a natural way and through over a long period of time. This method does not involve any paid marketing strategy. It significantly reduces the cost of marketing by showing a plethora of contents and attracting customers. Now, on Facebook, the process of providing the users a huge amount of content from which the potential customers can pay attention to the content they can relate to is known as Organic Facebook Marketing. It works as the users are shown your advertisements as well as directed to your page, this distribution is non-paid and doesn’t work on a paid structure. This method brings into play another crucial term into play i.e. reach. Reach is the number of people one can reach out to at a single time with his advertisement. Reach factor is highly responsible for the number of people who engage with your content. If the content is good and innovative then the reach will be greater and you can

Facebook’s Marketing Strategy and its Experts

There is no such this as the perfect strategy. All of these are new ideas. Some does work and some lack the potential to work. But there’s no strategy that guarantees 100% effectivity. Marketing in Facebook may get a bit tricky at times, to handle these situations one needs to lay down his/her plan beforehand. This planning beforehand is called making a marketing strategy. Why do we need to make a strategy? It is a thousand times better to have a laid down plan for marketing rather than to wander halfway through about the next course of action. This the effort stays consistent, you know where to make the extra effort to make things work and where there’s a need to reconstruct ideas.    The APT Marketing strategy ·          The first point is very simple. Set short term goals. This will help you to evaluate the process and will be easier to point out the shortcomings. ·          Decide on the budget. This will increase the chances of you investing in the right place

Facebook: The MarketingBook

Facebook is the ever-growing social platform that constantly asks its users of their interests and shows them Ads accordingly. Its thousands of filters work in a unique combination to make the advertising experience most relevant to its users. Its 1.5 billion user base view advertisement every day hundreds of times and this gives a far fetching opportunity to the advertiser to reach out to his/her audience across the globe. The saying goes that the first step is always the hardest but with Facebook’s innovative and easy features creating an Ad is the easiest of first steps. Signup or Login to Facebook and you are all set to create your advertisement. There are numerous formats and page design to suit your needs and enhance your Ad. Creation of a Page for your business: Creating a page on Facebook means providing shelter to your business in the digital platform. A page helps establish the presence of your business and to attract followers by inviting them. The views