Pros & Cons of Organic Facebook Marketing

The term organic marketing is known as a process of gaining loyal customers in a natural way and through over a long period of time. This method does not involve any paid marketing strategy. It significantly reduces the cost of marketing by showing a plethora of contents and attracting customers.

Now, on Facebook, the process of providing the users a huge amount of content from which the potential customers can pay attention to the content they can relate to is known as Organic Facebook Marketing. It works as the users are shown your advertisements as well as directed to your page, this distribution is non-paid and doesn’t work on a paid structure. This method brings into play another crucial term into play i.e. reach. Reach is the number of people one can reach out to at a single time with his advertisement. Reach factor is highly responsible for the number of people who engage with your content. If the content is good and innovative then the reach will be greater and you can get a lot of traffic from it.

Then again, often we see that one produces a unique idea of advertisement with good content to promote his brand organically but with Facebook filters working to tailor make every Ad experience, the reach is affected in a large scale. Hence marketing organically doesn’t only require the content to be great but also the process needs to be channelized in such a way that the advertisements are tailor-made for every. This way the reach will be greater through your content.

Merits of Organic Facebook Marketing
One must realize that marketing organically requires patience and that it will bring positive result in the long run. Even if the content is not doing well and the reach is falling one must not lose hope and keep trying for organic marketing is the best to get loyal customers and create more authentic customer engagement. To make this happen to make sure that your business shows on the free online directories, gain visibility and showcase your dexterity to increase the connections and expand your business network. Most importantly be aware of the trends. Is the concept of hashtags getting on your nerves? Hashtags are the most useful tools to understand trends and to keep a watch on the content that you’re are creating if that according to the trends. These are the ways that can get you your desired result through consistent efforts.

Demerits of Organic Facebook Marketing

Why is it that after telling everything good that we come down to the minus points of any topic? Because like everything in this world there’s a flip side to organic marketing as well.
·         Now let’s face it, there is more advertising content than there is space in the news feed. We need to understand that there is only a limited amount of space in a person’s news feed. Roughly there about 30 billion pieces of content are being created every month and we need to more space on the news feed to project our brand.

·         Facebook provides the most relevant Ads in a person’s news feed, as a result, it is very difficult to reach out to new customers who have a different taste and as a result a very different viewing history.
·         The advertiser count on Facebook has exceeded 4 million, hence the competition is massive to make it through the filters of Facebook and to be projected in News Feeds.

Broadly these are the reasons that are responsible for the decline of Organic Marketing that has forced the entrepreneurs to promote their brands through a paid structure of the advertisement.      


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