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Facebook: The MarketingBook

Facebook is the ever-growing social platform that constantly asks its users of their interests and shows them Ads accordingly. Its thousands of filters work in a unique combination to make the advertising experience most relevant to its users. Its 1.5 billion user base view advertisement every day hundreds of times and this gives a far fetching opportunity to the advertiser to reach out to his/her audience across the globe.

The saying goes that the first step is always the hardest but with Facebook’s innovative and easy features creating an Ad is the easiest of first steps. Signup or Login to Facebook and you are all set to create your advertisement. There are numerous formats and page design to suit your needs and enhance your Ad.

Creation of a Page for your business: Creating a page on Facebook means providing shelter to your business in the digital platform. A page helps establish the presence of your business and to attract followers by inviting them. The views on your page will help more people with similar interest get your recommendation. This will help in getting new and loyal customers who can be contacted directly through Facebook and even outside the digital world.

Not getting the desired result? Here’s a reality check for you-

The main problem is that the advertisements are not made keeping in mind a target audience. Millions of people can see your Ad but they come from different backgrounds with different tastes. Hence what might appeal to you might not appeal to me. This way Ads are a broad medium trying to reach out to every person at the micro level.

Secondly, it is also about the trial and error method. The point that you’re not able to connect to your customers might be that you are not trying the right format of advertising. There are many categories of connecting to your audience, you just have to keep trying. Different categories like slideshow ad, offer claim ads, etc to attract buyers. Over time video ads have proven to be the most responsive type of advertisement on Facebook.

One must remember that Ads doesn’t show the customers or users. So, the projection doesn’t look convincing every time. The credibility is sometimes questioned making one lose customers based on the trust issue. This is a major problem that digital marketing constitutes. 

Is it worth the effort?

Of course! It is worth the effort and time. Where else can you find the access to such a big mass to address through Ads? It might take longer than expected but it is going to have a positive response at the end of the day. As discussed above, Facebook’s filters work overtime to show relevant Ads to people who are interested in the same topics. As Facebook likes to call it “Reach Real People”, your advertisements reach out to actual people and have a greater chance of being conceived. Different formats enable you to ensure that your brand gets the right format of advertising that appeals to people. No other digital platform provides such a plethora of options for you to showcase your brand in every possible way.

Organic Facebook Marketing

First, let us be clear about the terms organic marketing- organic marketing means attracting customers in a natural way rather than pushing them through boosted links or through marketing strategies that are paid. Organic marketing takes its sweet time but gives you the result. The fundamental thing is that customers are more attracted to the display of information on a grass root level. The moment any brand applies a boosted link of marketing it is bound to make the customers skeptical. Hence it is considered a long process and it is less likely chosen a path for brands. But the fundamental factor is neglected by many, it yields a more positive result! Maybe its time you consider the bigger picture.

The APT Marketing strategy

·         The first point is very simple. Set short term goals. This will help you to evaluate the process and will be easier to point out the shortcomings.
·         Decide on the budget. This will increase the chances of you investing in the right places. The budget also helps to get a clear sight of what is needed and what is an additional burden.
·         Get a target audience. Having said that Facebook lacks the approach of a target audience but having a target audience of your own will help you to project your brand better.  
·         Lastly, don’t be impatient it will yield results. It takes time to generate an audience through Ads especially on the digital medium.

Who are Facebook Marketing experts?

Facebook marketing experts are consultants whom you can hire at any point in time. They are basically responsible for increasing exposure to your brand through Facebook. Their dexterity lies in maximizing the outcome of advertisement through technical expertise. In a lay man’s word, they help you to cut the long story short between you and your customer. A marketing consultant ultimately helps your company grow vertically and horizontally in a considerable amount of time.  


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