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Influences of lighting on a home's design and the inhabitant's experience

Lighting design is one of the many elements at the disposal of interior designers. People usually overlook the possibilities of lighting to enhance an environment. It can express your individuality and transform your house into a home. The effectiveness of other interior components, such as wall covering, flooring, and furnishings, will be diminished without adequate lighting. Good lighting is essential to maximise the aesthetics and efficiency of an abode. Many different types of lights can be used in interior design. Each light has its unique shape, size, usage, price, and identity. Before we get into the details, let's understand the fundamentals. Lights can be generally classified into two categories: natural and artificial. Sunlight is considered natural light and is entirely unpredictable. Artificial lights are versatile in terms of design, intensity, colour, and, most significantly, controllability.  Interior decorative lights can be classified into four varieties -  Ambient