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Burning people down with oil

In the budget session of the Parliament this year, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee increased excise duty on Petro products, I really don't know why. Now, the Congress people have decided to de - regulate prices of petrol and other fuels, so as to bring them to International Market levels. Hence, in a choice of choosing between people of India and Companies marketing oil, they say they have gone for saving the companies. The people well, they say, people can easily cope up with the rise in prices. Of course, Congressmen are right on their part. People of India don't ever care what their party does. They love the lollipops that congress throws on them, like NREGS or Debt payment to the tune of 60,000 crore of farmers. They are devoted to the Gandhi family and Indians it seems, shall foolishly remain devotees of that dynasty. My problem is that, I am not a congressman. Most of the congress people (top people of that party) are rich, I am not. They saying that people can afford

My Country My Life

My Country My Life is an autobiography written my former deputy prime minister of India, Lal Krishan Advani. Now politics in urban India is seen from different perspectives. The middle class students getting good higher degrees see it with disdain. Youth, in politics are being welcomed, and applauded, with the point easily being ignored that almost all these scions of previous politicians are foreign educated and have a hell lot of money. Then, there is the general public which considers most of the politicians as shady people. Who are just corrupt and manipulators. And there are innumerable examples why the feeling is like that. It is in this backdrop, I recommend all my friends and followers of my writings to read My Country My Life. For, according to me, how many politicians can actually vouch for or write a 900+ page book about the work they have done. Or about their backgrounds. (A large number of politicians have criminal records these days and equally large have become quite ri

Conservation??? Ha Ha Ha

SO, don’t get me wrong, but seriously it has become a funny issue. A small story I would like to share here. One day, out of laziness, I missed the morning classes, and went to bathe at about 10 o clock. That is the time when the maids of our hostel were supposed to clean all the washrooms and stuff. So, I am taking a shower (we’ll come to that later) and I notice a sudden decrease in the quantity of water. I thought that maybe the hostel water tanks have water supplies sufficient to make through the morning usage only!!! Later on, it comes into picture, that the maids clean the washrooms in a very creative way. In the four washrooms (there are a total of five, the fifth one occupied by me) they had simply left the taps open, so the water would rebound and spread out in the entire 3 by 3 feet area, so they don’t have to perform the utterly tedious task of doing it themselves. The taps were open for at least 4 minutes straight, and who knows the same technique was u

Behind Closed Doors!

Behind Closed Doors! A survey says that 52% would not like to marry their spouses again. What lies behind that closed door is yet another faded marriage which has stifled in the ‘reality stage’ of marriage which is a scary time as the two of them feel disillusionment, keep score, think that the two are in a rut, play power struggle games, and fuss with one another over little things. While, both of them are busy in achieving their career goals things like family holiday, children take a back seat. What also lies behind that closed door are two lives exhausted, worn out, stressed and thus also suffocated because they find no shoulder to rest upon once back at home. No pat on the back for the good days hard work, because the one whom you expect to boost your morale is perhaps done the same thing as you and finds nothing so special in your efforts. No time for each other, also leads to looking behind those closed doors in the hope of finding a solace. But only if by closing one

I am jealous of Rouvanjit Rawla. Here is why...

For all those busy souls, who think suicides happen every other day and never bother to look deep into such news, let me recap the story of Rouvanjit Rawla. Principal and two teachers cane him, humiliate him, manhandle him and a couple of days later, this class 8th student hangs himself. That is the story of his death in nutshell. Now, what is school life without a punishment? It is like eating dal without salt. I have myself been caned once, for bad handwriting. We are young, naughty and do tend to move towards notorious ways. Parents understand that too. And they too don't see it as a huge deal that the teacher scolded you. In their heart, they are happy, I think, for the child is being disciplined. But what happened with Rouvan was way too much of scolding. You can speak with him rudely but not manhandle him. This is absolute barbarity. How come La Martineire become such a famous institution I wonder. I, a resident of Punjab has heard a lot of glory of it and its other bra

Bhopal Gas Tradegy - A genocide of thousands of people

I think, it is a high time now, India should include in it's Preamble that we are a shameless country. More than 20,000 people dead. Several maimed for life. And what do we do? We charter a state plane for the prime accused and send him back home. (Perhaps, this sounds bit dry, as he was not packed lunch for the journey, but then they had little time). The same accused had a non bailable charges being filed against him. But we are good Indians. Shameless to the core. Charges were dropped against the other accused (mainly top management of that company) and were easily erased against Mr. Anderson, who logically speaking, as the CEO of the company should take more blame than the rest 8 accused. That their were earlier leakages as well in the pesticide factory, no one has yet answers to the fact that why did not the state government do anything. What it did, was get cozy with the Union Carbide. Indeed, top congress honchos, including Madhav Rao Scindia ( A close aide of former PM Raji

A country of Doctors & Engineers & Hartals

The nineties marked my growing up years. I recall, the best career option, the dreamed profession of both parents and their children was engineer or doctor. If you look around, you would see many families who have 2 kids, one a doctor and another is an engineer. Or, you would see many families with at least one engineer. In jobs market, both doctors and engineers are very much in demand. Pandit Nehru started the IITs. Similarly, over the time, several prestigious medical colleges gained ground. The almost non-existent medical system in the country provides fertile area for doctors to make their mark and the IT industry has led to good jobs for a lot of engineers. It is therefore not very contentious to conclude that, these two professions have gained up a lot of respect in the Indian psychi as well as Indian society. They are looked upon with pride and achievement. Arts and humanities are slowly becoming extinct largely because they have not been able to capture the Indian imagination

Are We Actually Ready for Relationships?

Such a vast topic this is, am just going to cover a small aspect of it as for now. So, I live in a hostel. And if a girl is on the phone at strange timings, the clear implication: SHE IS COMMITTED!!! Let alone the possibility that she is talking to some brother of hers in America! But, its not only limited to this, its just that, the other girls, who aren’t actually committed, feel weird, even though having a boyfriend was something not THAT acceptable till school life. Result: We just have youngsters falling into relationships, say metaphorically for the reason that their roommate is committed! Plus, are we actually ready for commitments??? There are some who are going around with the same partner since high school, but there is an out numbering amount of those who just go out, for say, its cool, and is a nice past time! And, am saying from first hand experience! For instance, I was just in a conference with a few friends, so a girl is like, you tell your boyfrie

Jaago Jagruti, Aur Jagaao!!!

Ummm…I came across Jagruti in 11 th standard I guess, it used to be a highly active place then(I mean, I was new to this blogging thing, and imagine, a blog having so many members that no more could be allowed!!!)…now am done with first year of under graduation, and things are…you have to accept a bit (read that in caps lock…if you may) “different”. My humble point is, after some 227 posts, with “different” views from “different” people covering almost all the possible “different” topics,,, things, are still the “same”. Then why have “people of all faiths stopped initiating and partaking in a fruitful exchange of ideas”??? Are the very same people bored of the same things happening time and again? The same rapes, the same economy (yes, it did change a little bit you could say, still!), the same government, the same politics, the same injustices, the same human rights thingy… So much same same na? But it all didn’t stop happening and affecting “different”