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Burning people down with oil

In the budget session of the Parliament this year, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee increased excise duty on Petro products, I really don't know why.

Now, the Congress people have decided to de - regulate prices of petrol and other fuels, so as to bring them to International Market levels. Hence, in a choice of choosing between people of India and Companies marketing oil, they say they have gone for saving the companies. The people well, they say, people can easily cope up with the rise in prices.

Of course, Congressmen are right on their part. People of India don't ever care what their party does. They love the lollipops that congress throws on them, like NREGS or Debt payment to the tune of 60,000 crore of farmers. They are devoted to the Gandhi family and Indians it seems, shall foolishly remain devotees of that dynasty.

My problem is that, I am not a congressman. Most of the congress people (top people of that party) are rich, I am not. They saying that people can afford such steep rise in petroleum products seems vulgar to me, for it is a statement that mocks my monetary status. People of India were reeling under the severe inflation crisis when 2009 General elections happened. They did not give a damn. I do. I who myself had purchased sugar for 20-25 rupees Kg when I was in hostel 4 years back, now feel shocked that sugar would never ever come under 40 rupees now.

The agriculture minister himself belongs to a sugar belt. He is openly speculating on sugar and no one is doing anything. And now it is oil. The government charges excise and custom duties and taxes on crude oil, on petrol, on diesel and on every other petro product. They can't even control food prices and they say that they will keep tab on market price of petrol/

Then how can it state that the oil companies will face losses? You charge more taxes than the subsidies you give, and people of India who are fools anyway to support you, and then you say, you are helpless?

Even state governments charge taxes on the same products that already have been taxed heavily. But I won't blame all of them for most of the income of state governments comes from VAT. Oil sector is one of the few sectors, where VAT is paid honestly. So, this results in a good amount of revenue from taxing petrol and diesel. Since, most of the states in India are financially doing badly, I would not expect them to take responsibility.

But the central government? Elections to Lok Sabha are four years away, so you can exploit us, as much as you can?
Why just we not label our country as the crony capitalist of the world? Hell, we can beat Russia in implementing socialism, and America in Capitalism, with extremes that we devise to exploit, poor people.

Lastly, the media. Wonderful! Awesome people! They say, all this is because opposition is weak and Manmohan Singh is so nice that all the people in the world like him.

First point, All the people of the world would like Manmohan Singh for they don't live in India under his rule. (Or rule of his madam, or whatever)
Secondly, can anyone explain to the media that if the opposition would have been strong, then they would have been in power. The very fact that they are less in numbers and support make them the opposition.

Where is India heading to?

Can anyone please answer that?


tamanna said…
Nowhere, it seems presently.
But then i wonder if there is anything we can do
very well observed and written.

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