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Indian Grill Room - Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

One of the oldest and well established fine dining restaurants at Golf Course, Indian Grill Room occupies the top floor at the Suncity Tower right opposite the Metro Station.' It's plush ambiance and a welcome with the fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers leads you to a heaven of soulful food with authentic Indian flavors. They serve a set menu buffet with varied options to suit everyone. Indeed, there is a little bit of something for everyone to eat. In starters, Gosht Galawat is the best for meat lovers and so is the Murgh Nizami Tikka. Lemon Garlic Grill Fish is something which you would definitely like to repeat. Before starting off the main course, I would recommend their DIY Papri Chaat, where you can prepare the all time favorite chaat according to your taste.  Also, the buffet has some great live counters which I suggest one should definitely try. One of them is of Tawa Chicken which was yum. In desserts, they make fresh Jalebi at a live counter which i

Made in Punjab - Cyber Hub Gurgaon

Set on the ground floor over a wide area, Made in Punjab was one of the early entrants to the Cyber Hub food lane. You cannot miss its presence, in between the famed Hard Rock Cafe and Farzi Cafe with a wide front, the signature MIP logo and burning flames (decor thing).  Made in Punjab serves food which is unmistakably Indian and very close to authentic Punjabi food.  It gained popularity on the back of its lunch buffet which is a huge hit with the office goers at Cyber City and surrounding areas.  My last visit was during dinner time, during which Ala carte is served and it was a fabulous experience. More so because the service is quite good and the manager kept a sharp eye on the tables. I also had the opportunity to meet Chef Mahabir, who is behind so many of the dishes which were served. He is exceptionally talented and great with his dishes. I tried the following dishes Popeye Paaji ki favorite chaat Jau Mushroom Chakli Murgh Bhatti Fauji chowk ki chicken curr

7 LinkedIn Groups Every Freelance Writer Should Follow

It is difficult to become a writer, no matter what kind of writer you want to be. However, now you can use someone else's experience to make your life easier. The LinkedIn website provides accommodation for a variety of groups - including those that are relevant to writing. These groups give writers an opportunity to appeal to people in the publishing industry directly. If you do not know where to start, use these groups. They will help you to get valuable feedback and constructive critique about your writing. Various specialists will help you understand how the publishing business works and how to start a career as a writer. These groups are full of people who are related to the publishing industry. They are editors, publishers, agents, journalists and other writers. They are all here to help others by answering and asking questions. These people can help you with editing and publishing as well as improve your writing skills. Here is a list of seven

Fumo Creams - HUDA Metro Station - Gurgaon

Bang in the center of South Court section of HUDA Metro Station, Gurgaon is this cute little dessert parlor serving some interesting dessert options. It's been open now for more than three months and the other day I skipped dinner to visit and review this place. The Choco Chip Shake was thick and chilled, the way we always like it to be.  They have a neat list of shakes and all look good. I tried the choco chips one, but blueberry one is also popular. Kesari Badaam Ice cream roll with taco waffle  was good but not their best item on the menu. The way these rolls are prepared live in front of you is a fascinating experience in itself. Fumo Creams has a wide variety for chocolate lovers and Hazy Hazelnut is one of the best they have. Hazelnuts are used in abundance and the chocolate flavor accentuates its flavor. Choco Brownie Buzz is the best roll of the lot. I am a huge fan of chocolate and choco ice creams and really loved this one. It blends in the

The People & Co. in its new avtaar

CanvasLaugh Club or CLC has been a pioneer brand, bringing in the best of the stand-up comedy in India to leisure seekers. It built up a strong platform for comedians and humor enthusiasts in Mumbai and later in Gurgaon. I recently visited the place now referred to as The People &  Co. to get acquainted with the new branding structure and whether there really existed a need to upgrade the experience. The founders of the place have now expanded their platform to host a wide range of live events under their Get Live initiative. They have aimed to move beyond the comedy and culinary scene to enhance client experience with stuff like live bands. The location is great, it is situated at the Cyber Hub and this space was earlier being used as an office. So they have got a large space with a generous front which has been designed aesthetically. The Delhi venue has been designed to offer varied experiences from their different venues including a Restaurant know as the Pla

Shit Happens - Desi Boy in America by Karan Puri - Book Review

Shit Happens is a light hearted novella about a geeky kid Anurag Sinha who lands up in United States with lack of finesse and knowledge about talking to women. Like Anurag Mathur's The Inscrutable Americans, this book also traces a student's journey to unknown lands. Karan has added wit and humor to his story and the narrative is captivating. You would want to finish this book in a single sitting. It all starts with Anurag who is not so popular at school getting a scholarship to study at University of Rochester. He falls in love with an all American girl who incidentally loves someone else. A novice in handling relationships, he stumbles along with love in heart and studies in his head. A great read with some great moments captured in a precise and compact way. Publisher - Prakash Books Pages 160

Is the trend of Sarahah.Com worth the hype

For past few days, this app is going viral. Its called Sarahah a weird name if you ask me for a messaging app. Its key USP? You send messages anonymously. Like those chits of paper you passed in middle grade at school. No one knew who wrote them but you could guess already. As it happens with everything internet questions are being raised over the sanity of this thing. After all, if my friend or a well wisher cannot give me a constructive feedback on face, is that feedback really worth it? Also, their is this whole negativity being peddled in the name of feedback impacting minds and causing issues.  I registered on the App the other day and received just 6 messages. 2 were vile rants, 1 was a GOT spoiler and rest words from friends. I have sent umessages to other friends mostly whom I am close to and sent them a message just for the sake of it. If I need to give you a feedback, I can give it direct. But can I? I know so many people who ask me feedback all the time. Be it

The new vlog is here

One of the biggest challenges we should always face is how to better what we are already doing. Better our relationships, our routines or even personality. In October this blog is going to complete 11 years on the internet and I want something special for this occasion. So I decided to compliment it with a Vlog, a YouTube Channel I have been thinking about since forever. By forever I mean even before YouTube was acquired by Google. I think right now is a good time to establish this channel and I am working on a string of content ideas for the same. To begin with, I plan to share stories and poems I wrote in the past and even share some lines written by friends in the blogosphere. Next, I will add reviews and then depending on the feedback we will move on. Many readers have suggested to me add blogging videos as in how to blog etc. but I need more time for that. We will keep it all in a story telling format and here are some samples for you all to lend your views on -

Blogging workshop on 27th August

In case you haven't heard the news, the next blogging workshop is going to be held on the 27th of August at Papa Buns, GTB Nagar, North Delhi. A workshop in north Delhi has been on my mind for quite some time now, and when the opportunity came in, I instantly said yes and got this arranged. A lot of friends and well wishers have asked me to conduct more workshops for benefit of the rising blogging community. It's a challenge honestly, and I am all prepared for it. But still, require feedback from you all as to how we can make sessions more interactive and fun for all. Here is the link to the upcoming workshop, kindly share

Of reviews on blogs

Often, on a whim, I pick some of my old and new blogs randomly and go through them to study how my content here is changing (or not). I receive a lot of feedback from friends and fellow bloggers and as truly as I can, I follow them to the spirit. Not because, they are right or something, but because it gives me a chance to reflect and think about things happening here. Off late, a lot of content posted here is review oriented. Readers are finding it interesting and goes with the spirit of the blog to create a sense of awareness about things around us. I am also flooded with queries as to how this process works or how do I pick what to review or what not to review. So in many cases, I like the place or hear something great about a place and visit, review all done. It is interesting? Very. Its a great experience sharing your views on a new trend or something you can connect to.  Is is it fun? Depends on the human factor. To know more about a place, to ask questions, or to g