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Why you should go overboard with Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram today is becoming the medium of choice for marketers, bloggers, and social media enthusiasts. As the attention span of our viewers and readers is decreasing visual is the right choice to spread the message across. But how do you make sure that those amazing pics you clicked and shared are not lost amongst the sea of pics shared by the 700 million odd users of Instagram, Worldwide? The right answer apart from generating quality content lies in using the right Hashtags. I say right hashtags for just adding a hashtag in front of any word does not guarantee good traction. You have to be prudent in choosing the right hashtags. Number of hashtags Instagram restricts the use of hashtags to 30 per post. This gives it an edge over micro blogging site twitter, which restricts your post and limits the use of hashtags. Every expert you talk to will have a different opinion on how many hashtags you use but I say use as many as you can. Make sense And by as many, I do

How salesforce solutions & SaaS application development are influencing the modern industry?

A salesforce is a group within a company that conducts sales. is a cloud computing and social enterprise software as a service [SaaS] provider based in San Francisco. It was founded in March 1999, in part by former Oracle executive Mark Benioff. Salesforce helps you to achieve your organizational goals and challenges by providing best solutions for every situation. With the best salesforce industry solutions, one can improve sales, service, marketing, and financial issues thoroughly. In the modern era, salesforce’s powerful solutions already helped global industries in many ways:  Financial services   As we all know that “Finance” is the foremost need of any kind of business. An elite salesforce industries solutions can place astounding financial services. This can be beneficial in many heads like:  •Wealth management: In any company, the need of the best wealth management system is the major requirement for the smooth and proper flow of business. Sales

Greek Food & Beyond - South Point Mall, Gurgaon

Greek Food is now available widely in North India but is majorly restricted to a small section in a thick cafe menu. So I was in for as a pleasant surprise to visit a cafe, which is singularly focussed on Greek Food. Opened about a month ago, Greek Food & Beyond is situated on the third floor of South Point Mall. The owners, Sachin and Anita have taken great pains to make the food, decor, and ambiance as close to authentic Greek & Mediterranean food as possible. And this shows in the flavor and taste of the food. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to the lovely couple and discuss food with them. They told me that this is not their first food venture. They have a vast experience in the Food world (you can just get that by talking to them) and Greek Food and Beyond is already a major success in Bhopal. The decor of the place gives out very light and spacious feel. The owners have consciously moved away from the whole couch trend and dim lighting towards a brightly li

Weavers at Centre stage of current season of India Runway Week

It would seem that no matter how big the India Runway Week gets, there you will always find fresh new names. Of course, the old designers continue every season. This is the 8 th  season of India Runway Week which is starting from 28 th  of April. The weavers of India are its biggest assets.  Indian hand woven fabrics have been known since time immemorial. India was famous even in ancient times as an exporter of textiles to most parts of the civilized world but  throughout history and currently, too there are pieces of evidence that show that weavers have always been  a victim of a staunch hierarchical system. Being at the bottom of the system they fall prey to the extreme forms of exploitation. There are organizations that are identified as a promising means of raising voice for them and generating livelihood for hundreds of rural artisans. They have made a significant contribution to the lives of the women artisans working with it, which has helped improve their econ

Celebrate the World Book Day

Today is the World Book Day and it is a perfect excuse to talk and write about books. Book publishing in India is reaching great heights but the quality of content is miserably falling. We writers have a tremendous responsibility to keep up to the legends of regional literature most of whom we have already forgotten.  I understand that this is the name of the game. Times change, preference of people change and so do writing styles. But it is quite sad that we dump treasures of literature and start afresh. Here I would like to point to the role of libraries who have failed miserably to preserve literature and stories. As a storyteller myself I am often appalled at the way stories of yesteryear writers are erased from public memory and record. Just because a publisher lost interest and the library didn't care, the writer himself or herself no longer alive or around does not mean we forget all about the literary work.  This day is also a good day for us to introspect as a so

Rule The Rolls Galleria Market DLF Phase 4 Gurgaon

Sons of the owner of Khan Chacha have started this awesome place called Rule the Rolls at the Galleria Market in Gurgaon. I say awesome for its Greek and Mediterranean inspired blue colored interiors. Apparently the owners of Khan Chacha had tied up with a big investor with deep pockets who eventually pocketed their brand too. While the case is sub-judice, they have opened their own shop to keep the family tradition of roll making going. Brothers Salim and Javed run this business jointly.  I tried the mutton roll and the chicken roll both were soft and good. Osman the man running the kitchen comes across as a skilled and knowledgeable person who understands the intricacies of crafting that perfect non-vegetarian food. Although they do have vegetarian options, I recommend this place to the meat lovers. Especially because of the Tikkas which are soft and warm.  I also liked the boat-shaped areca nut leaf gravy bowls in which they serve generous quantities of mint and yogurt