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Greek Food & Beyond - South Point Mall, Gurgaon

Greek Food is now available widely in North India but is majorly restricted to a small section in a thick cafe menu. So I was in for as a pleasant surprise to visit a cafe, which is singularly focussed on Greek Food. Opened about a month ago, Greek Food & Beyond is situated on the third floor of South Point Mall.

The owners, Sachin and Anita have taken great pains to make the food, decor, and ambiance as close to authentic Greek & Mediterranean food as possible. And this shows in the flavor and taste of the food. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to the lovely couple and discuss food with them. They told me that this is not their first food venture. They have a vast experience in the Food world (you can just get that by talking to them) and Greek Food and Beyond is already a major success in Bhopal.

The decor of the place gives out very light and spacious feel. The owners have consciously moved away from the whole couch trend and dim lighting towards a brightly light utilitarian furniture. The music is good and it plays comfortably in the background. It does not ruin your conversation or impedes into it in any way.

I was in no mood for salads and went on with the starters. I loved the fish kebobs because that is one thing many food places fail to perfect. They are also listed as a specialty of this place. Meatballs (or the Greek name, by which they are referred to), could have been better. They lacked that flavor which you associate with mutton. They have stuff beyond the usual Greek food as well (hence the beyond in the name) and chicken lovers should try Chicken Chermoula, which is spiced and grilled quite well, using chermoula spices liberally. If you like vegetarian food potato keftedes is something you cannot afford to miss.

The bar license is still in works so one cannot enjoy liquor here yet (which I hope will be done soon) so I went for the chocolate fudge shake which was thick and creamy, the way it should be. Last time I had tried a similar shake some place else and they had ruined it with an extra dosage of ice and water. Greek Beyond and You has pretty much kept its quality in check.

For the main course, the team at the cafe suggested Greek Roast chicken which according to me tasted at par with the tandoori chicken we get in Punjab. Served with mashed potatoes, it is a full meal in itself and if you are looking for that simple hearty meal go for this full chicken. It won't disappoint you.


You can't come out of this place without tasting their desserts. I had eyes on several items for desserts but Anita made the choice easy for me. She suggested I try the Chocolate Lava cake which takes a little time because they make it fresh. No one can mind waiting for a fresh cake and it was simply heavenly. It was the highlight of the meal. 

Metro Connectivity - Rapid Metro Station is just outside the mall.
Landmark - South Point Mall is sandwiched between Hotel Ibis and the Genpact building on the Golf Course Road.

Greek Food & Beyond Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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