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Thursday Musings - Bitterness in our relationships

Its so easy to turn things sour in a relationship. In the society I see around me, trust deficit is rampant, communication, meaningful communication that is, almost scarce and ego larger than ever before.  No wonder than, it takes very little to ruin a friendship, a relationship or any association with a few words of bitterness. But I was thinking last evening, how stupid it sounds, if I see the larger picture. Consider P & R. Lovers from past few years. Live in together. Had a horrible fight the other day, compelling R to move out of the apartment. You and I will on surface, think of it as a routine lovers tiff or some misunderstanding or an ego clash. It turns out that P shouted at R and one thing led to another and hell broke lose. Happens all the time. Even would be happening in some corner of the World as I write this. What we never are able to see the larger picture. The larger picture contains the circumstances around which both individuals are evolving. The circum

Tuesday Musings - Random Scribbles

I have been staring at this blank screen for some time now, thinking what to write. Words usually come to me, quite easily but off late their has been a drought. I am yet stuck on what story to write next, even though I have several ideas stuck in some unknown part of my heart. My health has taken a big beating in 2018 and off late, I have really gotten weak and frail for unknown reasons. My vitals are healthy and my diet reflects how I am in pink of health.  Looks like I am going to miss both my books targets. Reading 100 books a year and writing at least 1. But the good part is, we still have a few months left in 2018 and lot of life in me, to achieve my targets.  The good part of being down, and I love this part, is to see the people around you, lifting you up, motivating you, cheering you up. Its as if the dark phases have an unusual glory to them. When you know, someone has been your side., you know they will be their when light comes in. Those who didn't give a damn

Saturday Musings - The Baggage of Past and Friendships of Present

I was talking to a colleague the other day, B, about how love and friendships are best done at school. Their is a certain level of pureness, a simplicity, a lack of awareness about the other person. You just click, with another person. I feel, its like a jigsaw puzzle thing. Two pieces just join and if they don't fit, easily separate away. Growing up, people start accumulating baggage. We start becoming more aware about the society, perceptions and most importantly the importance of having a stereotype of a friend. Like, someone who is good for my career, or someone to vent out, or someone to share liquor with. We start forming our friendships (its an over abused word, friendship if you ask me but that we will discuss another day) according to set parameters. Like its good to have a rich friend and not good to have a too poor friend. Sudama and Krishna do not happen in 2018.  Slowly as we grow and ease into our society, parameters keep piling up. Even in educated, wel

Sunday Musings - The Morning Coffee

                                            Coffee Musings   Musing about my morning coffee the other day, I realized, the right balance of flavors, companionship & conversations can make the simple coffee taste great. I mean we all know that, but still the thought struck me the other day as I had a delightful cup of coffee. I like morning coffee for its fuel like effect. My typical workday starts with a cup of coffee. I was discussing this with my cousin, some years ago who was on a trip to India. We were discussing our work over coffee and he remarked how he likes to have a cup of coffee before starting his work day. Ditto, I remarked. A cup of good coffee just sets the right mood. In my present workplace, we have this nice Coffee Machine, way better than the powder mix coffee machines so prevalent these days. It uses real coffee beans and milk, making the coffee actually taste like one. Unlike the premix ones. All those who have had it at some point of their

The point of taking and giving advice

I love giving advice. I have this theory that if someone can benefit from an experience I have had, then why not? Good information is always a positive aid. At least that is what I believe in. People love and hate me for that. Love for  the difference I have made. Hate for the overabundance of good advice.  I mean, everyone wants an advice. But how many are ready to accept it in totem? Everyone likes their own version of customized, made to order advice.  No one likes the straight as a tequila shot variety. They want you to add that syrup, that juice, that spirit and place the right umbrella or a lemon wedge on the top of the glass.  I however, give the straight, honest advice with the bitter truth as a garnish. Anyways, whats the point of taking advice if you are not even interested in following it? It's disrespectful to the other person's intelligence when we ask for an advice and conveniently dispose it off like a tissue paper at lunch.  I am not talking about