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The point of taking and giving advice

I love giving advice. I have this theory that if someone can benefit from an experience I have had, then why not? Good information is always a positive aid. At least that is what I believe in. People love and hate me for that. Love for  the difference I have made. Hate for the overabundance of good advice. 

I mean, everyone wants an advice. But how many are ready to accept it in totem? Everyone likes their own version of customized, made to order advice.  No one likes the straight as a tequila shot variety. They want you to add that syrup, that juice, that spirit and place the right umbrella or a lemon wedge on the top of the glass. 

I however, give the straight, honest advice with the bitter truth as a garnish. Anyways, whats the point of taking advice if you are not even interested in following it? It's disrespectful to the other person's intelligence when we ask for an advice and conveniently dispose it off like a tissue paper at lunch. 

I am not talking about myself here, just general observation. We ask so many pieces of advice from so many people and then get lost in a sea of opinions of everyone other than self. A lot of it is given with right intention.

So what to do if we are swimming in a swathe of solicited and unsolicited advice?

1. Ask only 1 or 2 people for an advice on a topic. 
2. Make sure you trust their opinion on the same.
3. Respect the advice given and ponder over it.
4. Don't take any advice on its face value. 
5. Think well, form your own opinion on the matter on the basis of advice received. 


Then your whole advice process becomes more structured and well meaning. The person giving advice will feel your gratitude. You will be genuinely happy to receive the support.  The whole quality over quantity thing will take center-stage here and bring you peace.

For giving advice always take care
1. Only give advice for which you are yourself sure or expert in.
2. Be precise. You are not narrating a recipe here. Keep it short.
3. Be unbiased. Always.
4. Respect the other person. And their opinions. Don't be overbearing.
5. Don't bullshit. That's the reason, an advice is being sought from you. That you can offer something intelligent than bullshit.

Its not wrong to ask, its not wrong to tell. What is important is to communicate an advice well. 

So whats your advice to give and take advice?


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