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Oh! Why didn't I shave?

It was a routine Sunday afternoon. Brunch was leftover Pizza from the previous night. At the time she called I was doing my laundry. A pretty boring task, if you ask me but then you need clean undies man. Anyways coming back to the point. She called me up and said, "hey, I am at JN market right now, if you can come within 15 minutes, we can meet." If a girl as pretty as Snigdha as you to meet her in next 15 minutes, will you say no to her? Of course not. I said yes. Left the laundry on the bathroom floor, had a rushed shower and ran my way to JN Market. The market is not very far from where I live But you know girls right. They will call you, suddenly out of the blue and ask for things you can't say no to. Snigdha and I had met at a mutual friend's birthday treat and things went quite well from there on. Except the first kiss. We talked on phone a lot, went on long dates. My fingers ached with all that messaging, for that one smily from her made my heart melt. Bu

Quikr Shopping Fiesta - Got a new RedMi

Hey all, I just got a new Red Mi phone from Quickr.Com. And here goes my story of purchasing a product for the first time from So, as you know this new Redmi phone from Xiaomi (Often called the Apple of China) is flooding the Indian market with its amazing features and great price. I had an eye on this product but on Flipkart it sells out too quickly. It is virtually out of stock. So I thought of trying to buy a phone over quickr. People say, it has a lot of a variety and a lot of phones are up for sale from people who no longer want to use their phones. So my hunt began on home page. It had an option for choosing a location which I set up as Delhi. And Oh My God, there were so many options. As in, you can buy any phone of any make or model. For my nominal budget I could buy any phone. I researched various phones which I could buy. Research looked like an uphill task but it was quite easy because of the navigation panes on the left hand side of the page. For