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What happened to the other sports?

Hi All, Let’s be honest...we are primarily a one sport nation. We virtually eat, sleep and breathe cricket. [And many other un mentionable actions...:)] It seems that if you are born Indian then your default sport is cricket. Your sports icon is Tendulkar and sports entertainment means watching cricket in channels dedicated for cricket! So where did all the other sports go? Just offhand any one of us can probably count 5 other sports which are so popular globally but are barely included even in small talk in India. So why is cricket so disproportionately popular? Who is to blame for this anomaly? And more importantly how can we rectify this lopsidedness? As for apportioning blame, I guess it has to be shared among various sections. The administrators of various sports who haven’t really been aggressive in promoting their respective sports, the viewers who simply refuse to even temporarily shift loyalties to other sports and even to some extent history! The British Raj left a long la


A book by ravinder singh,26 years old,a software engineer hailing from burla,orissa...this book clearly relates to the reality magically. it asks us a question which people normally dont even think about. DO LOVE STORIES EVER DIE??? Although in this 21st century love may start differently..rather completely diffrently...but may end in a way no one may ever even dream of..and when it shatters all.feel the pain of love and then seperation,in I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY.