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Arttdinox by JSL Lifestyle is a celebrated stainless steel lifestyle brand, known for its innovative designs across homeware and home spaces, covering wide range of décor and home fashion. Founded 15 years ago, the essence of Arttd’inox is in its French inspired name signifying Art in Stainless, striving to make luxury wonders. The brand is spearheaded by Mrs. Deepikka Jindal, a strong women visionary and sharp entrepreneur, who has lead the brand on the forefront, for over 1.5 decades in India, with presence across retail formats.  With this strong pedigree, the brand strongly supports women led initiatives and causes around this. It is an undeniable fact that women are stalwarts of the society who aid in creating communities, and inspire the dynamic thought processes. With the changing times, the benchmark set for women has undergone a radical transformation, creating progressive and more responsive individuals. The modern woman thus can be titled as ‘Women of Sub

Our obstinate society

Do we belong to the era where we are aiming too high for our dreams and leaving no stones unturned in building our extravagant standard of living? The answer is not that simple because we have complicated it with our ideas of being fit in the definition of so-called modern society. So let us rephrase the question in a much straight forward but an undesirable way. Do we aim high now for us or society? Are we walking on the path of proving it to the world more than ourselves that how we are better than others? Unfortunately, the feeling of being superior has become an essential mindset of our ultra modernized club. This can be seen right from today's an upbringing where a child is conditioned to choose many sophisticated toys with more features than his friend, whether it's a student getting better marks than his classmate this time but not from his last performance, whether it's an employee who is getting higher appraisal in contrast to  his colleagues rather

How to stay insulated from annoying people

It is a fact that there are good people at work who try to help us by going out of their way or in any way they can. It constitutes the majority of the people in any workplace, and they are polite and caring as well. But there are also people at any workplace who are precisely the opposite of the above lines. They are inconsiderate; they are impolite, not helpful, and anything you can think of. Interestingly, the number is less compared to the number of good people. But somehow it seems to us that they are everywhere, its because they take up more space in our mind than good people do. Dealing with annoying people at work The best way to deal with annoying people is not to get angry. This is possibly the best way if you don't get angry the annoying people lose interest in you as you are no more triggered and the more you stay calm you can act decisively when you are treated badly. This is the basic thing that one needs to remember, and around this bottom line

My Bengal Diary

My mother was in a terrible rush from the morning of 14th June, as the day finally came we are going to Bengal. After three years, we got a reason as my Didi got an internship in Rishra(an industrial area in Bengal). Moreover, my father was in Delhi for his professional meet. This was the time I have to take all the responsibility of Mumma and act like an adult boy! Hurry up, Babu! You are always too slow. This was usual, as my Mumma is still panic until the train arrives. After an emotional goodbye to Tango (my dog), we left our home at 3:30 p.m. which was 3 hours before the train's arrival time. The moment we reached the station, I started searching for a lonely and clean place where I can sit peacefully and watch out my Mumma too. After founding nothing unusual in social media, I soon lost in my thoughts wondering about life, world and till the human fantasies can go up to… I came out of my thoughts when I heard a female voice from the station's speak

Sneakers for Women by Lotto -An Italian Sports brand

Thank you to the world of footwears for introducing sneakers and giving the women around the world their all-time favourite pair of shoes. Sneakers are not only comfortable but they also offer you a chance to ditch your heels by giving a sporty chic look for work & play! The right pair of sneakers can make you look cool to pair them with different outfits- from full length formal suits, your favourite dresses & shorts. So, if you are that girl who thinks only your heels can be fashionable then it's time to think twice & make some room in your wardrobe for some stylish, classy yet insanely comfortable must-have sneakers by Lotto- An Italian Sports & Lifestyle brand that will surely save you from the world of aching toes. The sneaker fever knows no limits now; from fashion bloggers to Bollywood actresses it has been developed in everyone as a part of their lifestyle. Lotto proudly boasts of its sneakers' versatility, functionality, style and comfort fact

HeartQuake by K. VijayaKarthikeyan

When an IAS officer writes a short book on a fictional IAS officer, there is bound to be some interest in the story. K. VijayaKarthikeyan crafts an unputtable read with HeartQuake. Vikram, a former journalist, and an IAS trainee officer in a full filmy style, asks some uncomfortable questions from a local politician, who again follows a Bollywood script to avenge this mistreatment. RPR is ferociously scary and very powerful. The story moves at a rapid pace, with a twist in the form of a medical drama, with a confounding mystery reminding you of medical thrillers of Robin Cook or Robert Ludlum.  Vikram balances new found love, this medical mystery and the vengeful politician with much bravo and intelligence. The writer brings in insight with his own experience as a civil servant. The story moves at a predictable pace but still manages to surprise you.  The characters are quite well crafted and come up well like RPR and Veda. Indeed Veda really is a refreshing addition

Pastel Shades: The Touch of Timelessness

Spring 2019 runways proved that pastel is the go-to color for this season. It takes no rocket scientist to understand that it is the new trendsetter. You must be wondering where did pastels come from all of a sudden? Well to speak of the fact, pastel was in the fashion industry from the early 17th century. Back in those times, pastel painting was popularly associated with Baroque and Rococo styles and it is during this time that pastel became fashion itself in the fashion industry. Since then, the journey of pastel in the fashion industry has been fascinating. The term pastel fashion has a different meaning to different people, some associate pastel color with happiness, some say it defines one’s mood and personality while others say that it represents the mental state of a person. Pastel colors were synonymous with mediums like chalk for the artists during the time of the Renaissance. To come out of the umbrella of any chalk-like medium pastel color took it

The Basics of Influencer Marketing

Introduction To understand about influencer marketing, the concept of Marketing needs to be cleared out first. Marketing is the action of attracting customers for your business, selling any goods or services. Now marketing can be of different types, among those different types, one is influencer marketing, and this article deals with it.       We are now exposed to a digital world that is evolving every day. Nowadays the traditional marketing strategies like television Ads doesn’t work anymore as most of the people do not pay any attention when Ads are displayed, nor do internet Advertisements as the browsers have advanced Ad blocking tools. The word advertisement is slowly losing credit and effectivity. At this junction, we are introduced with a newly developed type of marketing that is Influencer Marketing. What is Influencer Marketing? Who is an influencer? Influencer marketing is the process of promoting or marketing your brand, sound, services through a person who

Spiritual Opens Up its Doors at Double Tree by Hilton, Gurugram

Just where the Golf Course Road ends to meet up with its Ext. Road, DoubleTree by Hilton stands tall, one of the most reputed hotels in the area. Spiritual Gastropub, the Hotel's bar has opened up its doors once again after a brief dormancy. The management is roping in some of the best disc jockeys in the industry to up the nightlife of Gurgaon and I visited the place the other day to experience the place. The first thing about the bar which you notice is the expansive collection of spirits they have. They also a pizza oven to complement that drink with a Pizza munch. They make some great pizzas especially the non-veg ones with a thin crust and ample toppings. But in food what, I liked the most were the Indian stand-alone dishes like Murg Atishi Tikka and Dahi Kebabs. Absolutely brilliant. The lounge starts filling up as the evening moves on but the courtyard is a chilled-out space in itself to party in the open. The management is engaging top musi

5 Steps You Should Know to Calculate Influencer Marketing ROI

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly earning huge revenues for brands in today’s digital world that goes even without saying. According to a study, it is estimated that $8 billion is to be spent on Instagram influencer marketing alone. This gives us an insight into how effective is influencer marketing. It is the department of digital marketing that is unparalleled and unmatched in terms of the impact they create. To calculate the Returns on Investment accurately, one needs to follow these five steps- 1.       Campaign goals for ROI tracking- The first step is to set campaign goals to track ROI. It is imperative to lay down a clear set of objectives so that it can be determined easily if your influencer marketing campaigning is moving in the right direction. The major plus point of learning objectives is that you can perceive the kind of influencers you want and content distribution platform. 2.       Measuring campaign performance- it is not only about setting goals t