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5 Steps You Should Know to Calculate Influencer Marketing ROI

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly earning huge revenues for brands in today’s digital world that goes even without saying. According to a study, it is estimated that $8 billion is to be spent on Instagram influencer marketing alone.

This gives us an insight into how effective is influencer marketing. It is the department of digital marketing that is unparalleled and unmatched in terms of the impact they create. To calculate the Returns on Investment accurately, one needs to follow these five steps-

1.       Campaign goals for ROI tracking- The first step is to set campaign goals to track ROI. It is imperative to lay down a clear set of objectives so that it can be determined easily if your influencer marketing campaigning is moving in the right direction. The major plus point of learning objectives is that you can perceive the kind of influencers you want and content distribution platform.

2.       Measuring campaign performance- it is not only about setting goals the trick is to measure the performance. The metric system must be such that it as the real factor in it. Be specific, have a timeline, be realistic. It isn’t necessary to have only one metric system you can have a more than one metric system to measure different aspects of campaigning.

3.       Setting the bar for individual influencer- You have to find out which influencer is generating more business and who is lagging. Influencers who are underperforming can be given a more detailed briefing about your brand so that they can address their followers better. Cutting down the resources, in this case, is not the remedy. Individual bars can be set, such as the amount of user-generated content created an average engagement rate, etc.

4.       Appropriate tracking platform- It is rather backdated to track the ROI manually. Its time to track ROI using marketing platforms because they are accurate and give an exact idea about performances. Let’s not forget; it saves time. Examples of some influencer marketing ROI calculator include – NeoReach, Tapinfluence, Grin, etc.

5.       Take the extra step- Let’s not be limited to only measuring the ROI through business generated. It is equally important to measure the influencer. Measuring the influencer will give you an idea about your pick and if it was the right decision to appoint him in the first place. Here the key is to start with a small set of influencers and then to increase the expenditure selecting more influencers.

With these five steps accessing the results gets easier, and it gives a general idea of about the ROI of influencer marketing. We are not to forget that influencer marketing requires the right strategies to generate business, and it is not always the influencers who are under-performing at times; it’s the strategy as well.     


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