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Arttdinox by JSL Lifestyle is a celebrated stainless steel lifestyle brand, known for its innovative designs across homeware and home spaces, covering wide range of décor and home fashion. Founded 15 years ago, the essence of Arttd’inox is in its French inspired name signifying Art in Stainless, striving to make luxury wonders. The brand is spearheaded by Mrs. Deepikka Jindal, a strong women visionary and sharp entrepreneur, who has lead the brand on the forefront, for over 1.5 decades in India, with presence across retail formats. 

With this strong pedigree, the brand strongly supports women led initiatives and causes around this.
It is an undeniable fact that women are stalwarts of the society who aid in creating communities, and
inspire the dynamic thought processes. With the changing times, the benchmark set for women has
undergone a radical transformation, creating progressive and more responsive individuals. The
modern woman thus can be titled as ‘Women of Substance: robust yet glistening in her confident

Being led by a woman entrepreneur, Ms. Deepikka Jindal, the entire JSL Lifestyle team along with
the Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Mandeep Singh, believe in empowering women in divergent
spheres. With the given perspective and to further strengthen their women-centric motive, Arttdinox
decided to associate and host a press-meet for the Internationally acclaimed film ‘It’s a Girl’, directed
and produced by Mehnaaz Nadiadwala, spreading the awareness about the growing needs to
educate the society against the social evils that circumscribe a woman’s life span, right from the birth.

Ms. Nadiadwala is the Daughter of AG Nadiawala, a living legend, with more than 100 films under his banner. A recipient of the Mother Teresa Award in 2016 and a doctorate in strategic Managment with specialisation in global and cultural issues, Mehnaaz Nadiawala is pleased to join hands with
Arttdinox. “I have always loved the class that Arttdinox brings in its Stainless products and I cannot
think of a better organisation that resonates with the ideology that this film represents. The drive of
women empowerment is what this brand upholds which is a direct metaphor to what I perceive this
movie to depict”, stated Mehnaaz.

With a screenplay penned from the namesake book authored by Mehnaaz, the storyline of ‘It’s a Girl’
revolves around portraying the whimsical desire of Indian families, wanting a male child, even at the
cost of female infanticide. The story starts with a young enterprising guy named Anmol, owner of a top Production house in an urban city Mumbai, falling in love instantly at first look that is exchanged, with his selected Model Karen who is from U.K and has come to India to pursue her career in Modeling, after the sad accidental demise of both her parents. 

As the story progresses, it is established that the love story is actually a conversation happening between the Mother (Karen) and her unborn Baby in her womb. Now through the unborn baby, the story progresses with intense moments and emotions, through their conversations. The story takes a turn when in an urban high class society, among educated people, the mentality of pressurizing and hoping for a male child is depicted. Will Karen give in to this after knowing it’s a Girl? Will she fight for her child? Will there be a shift in the consciousness of Anmol and the Mother in law?

Along with being entitled to over 23 international awards, the theme song of the movie has been
composed by Grammy Award winners. The film is planned to be released pan India, across the varied
multiplexes namely Cinepolis and PVR; later to be launched internationally on digital platforms
including Amazon and MX Player as well.

This platform aided to escalate conversations of Mr. Singh with the varied media personnel, not only
about the venture launched by Mehnaaz Nadiadwala Productions but also regarding the future
endeavours that he visualizes to launch as a part of the label. From creating further simplified
solutions for the contemporary kitchen to crafting multifarious facets to adorn blank spaces, the brand
desires to cater to the advanced requisites of the modern homemakers and working women

With an aim pivoted around creating stainless products for our humble abodes, Mr. Mandeep Singh
also believes that Arttd’inox is a classified personification of the ‘of women...for women’
ideology. Being the brainchild of Ms. Deepika Jindal, the brand strongly believes that women are the
catalyst and the most effective tools for implementing reformist changes. She has contributed to
nurturing lives through the products of this organisation and also on a societal level. Stating their
prime motive behind supporting such a noble cause, the CEO of the company Mandeep Singh said
“We take pride in associating Arttd’inox with the movie ‘It’s a Girl’. It is high time that we change
things around us, given that India is pacing to be one of the most progressive nations in the world.


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