HeartQuake by K. VijayaKarthikeyan

When an IAS officer writes a short book on a fictional IAS officer, there is bound to be some interest in the story. K. VijayaKarthikeyan crafts an unputtable read with HeartQuake.

Vikram, a former journalist, and an IAS trainee officer in a full filmy style, asks some uncomfortable questions from a local politician, who again follows a Bollywood script to avenge this mistreatment. RPR is ferociously scary and very powerful.

The story moves at a rapid pace, with a twist in the form of a medical drama, with a confounding mystery reminding you of medical thrillers of Robin Cook or Robert Ludlum.  Vikram balances new found love, this medical mystery and the vengeful politician with much bravo and intelligence.

The writer brings in insight with his own experience as a civil servant. The story moves at a predictable pace but still manages to surprise you. 
The characters are quite well crafted and come up well like RPR and Veda. Indeed Veda really is a refreshing addition to the caste with a strong personality and Vikram's love interest.

Publisher - Rupa
Pages - 151
Genre - Fiction/Thriller


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