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Spiritual Opens Up its Doors at Double Tree by Hilton, Gurugram

Just where the Golf Course Road ends to meet up with its Ext. Road, DoubleTree by Hilton stands tall, one of the most reputed hotels in the area.

Spiritual Gastropub, the Hotel's bar has opened up its doors once again after a brief dormancy. The management is roping in some of the best disc jockeys in the industry to up the nightlife of Gurgaon and I visited the place the other day to experience the place.

The first thing about the bar which you notice is the expansive collection of spirits they have. They also a pizza oven to complement that drink with a Pizza munch. They make some great pizzas especially the non-veg ones with a thin crust and ample toppings. But in food what, I liked the most were the Indian stand-alone dishes like Murg Atishi Tikka and Dahi Kebabs. Absolutely brilliant.

The lounge starts filling up as the evening moves on but the courtyard is a chilled-out space in itself to party in the open. The management is engaging top music artists and DJs to liven up the atmosphere at this place.

Do ask the Bartender for his special cocktails.


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