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The Basics of Influencer Marketing


To understand about influencer marketing, the concept of Marketing needs to be cleared out first. Marketing is the action of attracting customers for your business, selling any goods or services. Now marketing can be of different types, among those different types, one is influencer marketing, and this article deals with it. 

We are now exposed to a digital world that is evolving every day. Nowadays the traditional marketing strategies like television Ads doesn’t work anymore as most of the people do not pay any attention when Ads are displayed, nor do internet Advertisements as the browsers have advanced Ad blocking tools. The word advertisement is slowly losing credit and effectivity. At this junction, we are introduced with a newly developed type of marketing that is Influencer Marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing? Who is an influencer?

Influencer marketing is the process of promoting or marketing your brand, sound, services through a person who has created his followers. Here the term influencer means a person who influences or has the potential of influencing a group of followers through his/her social activity. An influencer need not necessarily have a large number of followers moreover it is better if they have a limited number of followers who are influenced by that person. Due to the limited number of followers, the credibility of the product increases among the followers.

Hence, we can say that an influencer need not be a celebrity; he/she can be anyone who has a group of followers who are influenced by the person. Any person can become an influencer, and because of this, the product promoted mostly gets a positive response, and the people believe easily.

 How does Influencer Marketing Work? 

Our generation can be called the digital age as almost everything we do today is done on a digital platform. Millennials very active on social media this makes them a right target audience for the brand and the big companies. But, the major problem with millennials is that they hate Ads on a digital platform and too impatient to watch full advertisements. On the flip of this problem, there’s a brighter side; the millennials have at least one person in social media who they follow and idolize. This is a huge plus point for the brands as they are looking up to influencers on social media to promote their brand. This way the usage of advertisement can be done in a measured way and at the same time brands can reach to the millennials even without showing Ads.


Influencer marketing campaigns are very much successful, and a successful campaign doesn’t only stay stagnant as a promotion; it helps the brand to be embraced by customers. The most important technique to keep in mind is who to chose to market. Choosing someone who has close ties with their followers and carries conviction is the key as opposed to choosing someone who has a large number of followers. It might appear to the customers as a desperate effort by the brand to attract customers. It has been established that influencers having fewer followers have a more credible and promotive impression on consumers.


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