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How can your brand benefit from Linkedin Articles/LinkedinPulse?

Linkedin Pulse/Linkedin Articles is a blog platform wherein you can post writeups/notes on the Linkedin Network and share your ideas and thoughts with others. I will write a separate piece on how individuals and professionals can use it for their own career growth. This one is about how you can grow your business, or better your brand outreach through Linkedin Articles.  It gives you an excellent opportunity to reach a wider audience, engage with your loyal clients and to boost your goodwill. 1. Attractive headlines - Their is no substitute to this. Whatever you are writing, the topic or genre could be anything, the headline has to be catchy. It has to compel readers to go through your post. 2. Integrate your Linkedin Pulse strategy with S.E.O. - Many brands make the mistake of isolating SEO and Social Media strategies. S.E.O. can be really useful for Linkedin articles. It can help with keywords which the audience is looking for. This can give social marketeers bette

Assignment Feature from Learn Content Writing - Udemy

Frodo once said, “I wish it need not have happened in my time.” Time is such a wondrous and mysterious thing, shows the true value of us, but it becomes creepy when realized the guilt of not taking an essential decision in our past. Anyhow, most of us regret at least once in our lifetime- if I could do this, something better might could have happened or something similar to this. This is the worst yet almost invincible show of time which someone indulges in. Mine, five years younger self is just a 13 years old child; who has a similar mindset like any other normal child of this age group, wondering about comical characters, not worrying much about future. As an experienced boy, the only suggestion I would give to the younger me is ‘Dream big’! It will set the framework and will explore the limitations of practicality. It will be wrong if I say dreaming big is just a habit, moreover, it’s a matter of perception; thinking capacity, will power and perhaps more. It is the

Affirm the World your professional identity through Linkedin

Do you remember the days of the early ’20s, when people usually found jobs on newspaper advertisements and radio? Comparing today’s time, it was like traveling miles without any vehicle. But on 5th May 2003, it was a revolution when Linkedin came in an option of the common man, truly changed the concept of the ‘Finding Job’. An idea making of social networking site specifically for professional and business purpose now has over 570+ million users. LinkedIn? Linkedin was founded by Paypal Mafias (co-founders of PayPal). The only objective of Linkedin ’s co-founder was to remove the barrier between job seekers and hiring small and large companies. It is an obvious and accurate place to showcase your skills, education, and experiences. You, with the help of Linkedin, can connect with your colleagues and business associates without spending any money. However, a premier account is needed to communicate with other seeking employers one on one to get a worthy job for your

Some Information Related to Guest Blogging

Many of us don't know about guest blogging. So, what is guest blogging?   When one blogger posts his content to another blogger's site it is termed as guest post/guest blog. This method can be used to increase traffic on our sites. Mainly new bloggers use this technique of blogging so that their blogs get promoted and they can build-up the relationship with the audience and this technique also helps them increase the traffic on their site.  If you have started a new blog, your blog might have trouble in reaching up with a wide range of audience, even if you have strong content to post. So, you can publish that content to someone else’s blog whose blog is already reputed so that people can read out your content and if they like your post than bingo!!! You grab audience attention and this lead to increase the number of audiences on your site. But make sure that the concept is simple, and you are writing the content according to the blogger’s requirement. There are